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Masters of Media: Richard Bettinson, Senior Director, Media & Insight at Hilton

NDA’s podcast series, Masters of Media talks to heads of media at brands to understand how advertisers are able to keep pace with the frenetic speed of development of media and its fragmentation across channels. In this episode we meet Richard Bettinson, Senior Director, Media & Insight at Hilton.

“What’s changed is the need to think of media beyond acquisition but using it as a vehicle to talk to existing customers, as a fundamental part of your loyalty scheme for example.

And how media and creative are being discussed in the same converstation, which is so important when media has become so fragmented. This is a very big and important trend.”

The discussion ranges from first-party data to in-housing and the potential of audience-led data to target across every channel from CTV to programmatic OOH.

And he gives some excellent advice to any adtech company looking to work with a global brand like Hilton.