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Tamara Kojic of ADYOULIKE: Test and learn, creating cut-through and social native ad formats

As we look ahead to NDA’s flagship networking Trinity Lunch event in November, we’re talking to some of our partners and VIP guests to hear their thoughts on the industry the event will be celebrating. Next up is Tamara Kojic, Associate Director Agencies, ADYOULIKE

What is the biggest opportunity for advertisers or publishers in digital marketing in the next 6 months and why?

It might be too soon to say it, but as we enter what is hopefully a post-pandemic era everyone has a major opportunity to put in place new ideas and new ways of doing things over the next 6-12 months. The pandemic is a once in a generation synchronised event that has ushered in behavioural changes all at once, which means that there are opportunities appearing left, right and centre for advertisers.

What the next 6 months bring for everyone is the opportunity to try new things; test and learn has to be the motto because consumers have changed how they are thinking about your products and services. As always, the digital industry will and will capitalise and adjust quickly.

What is the biggest challenge for advertisers or publishers and how will this be overcome?

The challenge – as always – is how to create cut-through. Issues such as the ‘end of cookies’ and privacy concerns are really just part of this conversation about cut through.

It’s easier than ever to launch a brand and run ads that are seen by millions quickly and thanks to the ease of ecommerce, consumers are open to giving new brands a try – just look at the success of relatively young brands like Gym Shark, for example, that would have been unthinkable pre-social ads.

But the real challenge is how do you create that cut through to become a leading, memorable, ‘forever’ brand.

For that, you need everything aligned: product, service, pricing, brand positioning, company values, marketing messages and media planning. Only when everything works can you think about scaling.

For advertisers, that’s the challenge, but with more disparate communities, and less mass media, there’s a real challenge to achieve that cut through – which is increasingly where new online formats and creative ideas can add significant benefit.  

For publishers, the challenge is how they can align their media properties commercially to this need for creative cut through without damaging their own brands.

What technology are you most excited about at the moment and why?  

We’ve partnered with Fifty on a number of campaigns to complement our native social ad formats this year and it’s a really exciting combination. Our formats across premium publishers on the open web, combined with their social data insights have really led to some unique insights and great performance on a number of campaigns. It’s these kind of synergies that bode well for the future of the industry and make all that talk about the ‘cookie-apocalypse unfounded.