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The Women in Programmatic Network: Patricia Penachio Tanabe – Programmatic & Paid Social Lead, News Corp Australia

The Women In Programmatic Network was set up to represent women in the programmatic industry. To celebrate its work and its members, NDA will be running a series of interviews with its members. Next up is Patricia Penachio Tanabe, Programmatic & Paid Social Lead, News Corp Australia.

Why did you join the Women in Programmatic network and what do you hope to get out of it?

First I joined out of curiosity as I thought it seemed a very nice initiative for women so my idea was more to see and learn what was going on, but then I saw all those amazing women sharing knowledge about the industry, setting up events and helping each other that I was truly touched! With that, my goal became to learn and connect as much as I can and share the knowledge I was able to get throughout my career with them. At the end, it’s about making sure that the younger generations coming to our industry feel backed up and empowered to do great things.

What are the biggest challenges, and opportunities for women in the programmatic industry today?

In terms of challenges, when women are being assertive they are still seen as ‘aggressive’ unfortunately, but I believe we will get there eventually and we’re working for it! So there is still that challenge of self-confidence and believing in your skills so you can progress in your career.

Programmatic is an always evolving industry so heaps of opportunities like Data, DSP, Campaign Strategy and Delivery, for example. Furthermore, I would love to see more women in leadership positions in the industry!

What does the industry need to do to champion women in the programmatic industry better?

One word: Equality.
Have equal opportunities for women to learn and grow in their careers.

What are the biggest challenges, and opportunities overall for programmatic advertising this year?

All the challenges such as the future of cookies, transparency, cross-media measurements, for example, are also opportunities for us to be creative, evolve and make a better industry. While it’s being a bit turbulent, we have the opportunity to make it better.

What is your biggest achievement in programmatic to date?

Being able to help and develop people through their careers sharing knowledge with them. Furthermore, I think being able to keep the relationship with co-workers, partners and clients during this pandemic and still deliver results is also a big thing!