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PinkNews launches uplifting news filter to new website and apps

On Wednesday 30th November, PinkNews will launch a brand new feature as part of the relaunch of its website and apps. The uplifting news filter is a digital-first for PinkNews and will allow the PinkNews audience to only read and view positive news stories if they choose.

The new feature has been created following extensive feedback from the PinkNews global audience and follows a Reuters 2021 study that showed that 46 per cent of people in the UK actively avoid the news. This was up 22 per cent from the year before due to reasons including a lack of diversity, the news making respondents of the Reuters study feel depressed and that they did not feel that they had any control over the stories being covered.

Benjamin Cohen, PinkNews’ CEO, commented: “PinkNews serves a diverse global community and our mission to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves is at the very centre of all that we do. The relaunch of the website and apps is an authentic continuation of our brand story, where our vision of inclusivity and innovation is brought to life. As a business, we have long championed under-represented voices and through this, we have recognised the need to allow our audience only to see uplifting stories if they so wish in a world where they continue to be targeted. The inclusion of the uplifting news filter is genuinely groundbreaking for the digital media industry and shows how PinkNews is at the forefront of innovation within the sector.”

The uplifting news filter feature will at first be available on the PinkNews apps and followed by the website in 2023.

The in-house tech team has designed and implemented the relaunch following extensive audience surveying led by Chief Product Officer Sarah Watson. Sarah commented on the website and apps relaunch: “I’m delighted to launch the new PinkNews website and apps, designed and built entirely in-house by our talented team. Our primary goal was to create an easily accessible, more inclusive space for
our global LGBTQ+ audience and their allies. By significantly improving our core web vitals, using a flexible, scalable design language and introducing new features like our uplifting news filter. This is the first important step in bringing wider inclusivity to the PinkNews digital experience and we will continue to make positive changes to our offering based on reader feedback and experience.”

From Wednesday 30th November, visit the newly relaunched PinkNews website or download the PinkNews App via the app store. The new app will be available on both iOS and Android including suitability for tablet devices

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