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Adtech Shortlist

Adtech Collaborative Champion

Julia Myronova

Inskin Media, an Azerion Company

Julia is General Manager, Ukraine at digital advertising company Inskin Media, an Azerion company. In this role, she has overseen all operational business activities for the last six years and has become an irreplaceable cog in the Inskin wheel. As it currently stands, Inskin delivers high impact digital advertising for more than 1000 leading brands, working with 260 publishers across 2000 premium websites globally. From Ukraine, Julia continues to be the organisational backbone to making the business as successful as it is today. This success is what led to the business being acquired by leading digital media and entertainment platform Azerion in 2021.

Julia’s role as General Manager, Ukraine means she often interacts with a variety of high-profile stakeholders including government agencies and financial institutions, alongside internal HR and budgeting. During her time at Inskin she has personally spearheaded the rapid growth of her team from four to 24 people and hopes to continue on this trajectory. Having led the recruiting and hiring process of each member of her team, Julia takes pride in nurturing the growth and personal development of her employees. With an ambition to offer a study program for Kyiv students, Julia is constantly thinking about how her expertise can support the wider society as well as her own team.

As a Ukrainian national, based in Kyiv, Julia has continued to successfully lead the business at a time of conflict that has gripped the world. She has ensured the safety and welfare of her team every step of the way.

Testimonial – Dominic Tillson, Marketing Director at Inskin Media, an Azerion company:

“As General Manager of the Kyiv base operations, Julia has been key in setting up the business that helps service both the EMEA and JAPAC teams across the global Inskin footprint. More importantly in the recent months Julia has been responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Ukraine based team whilst still delivering great service and clarity of leadership in these unprecedented times in Eastern Europe.”

Amelia Parsons


In just 5 years, Amelia has risen from an inexperienced intern to the head of the publishing. From signing commercial partnerships, writing industry articles, evolving their buying strategy to increase delivery success, technically integrating publishers to the SSP and proactively founding the companies ‘Culture Crew’ throughout lockdown that championed fun work-place via virtual off-sites games and gifts when colleagues needed it most… it’s no surprise that Amelia is the youngest member of our Leadership team and means BUSINESS, making her one to watch!!

Richie Bhattacharjee


Richie is the Commercial Operations Manager at VIOOH and has over eight years of experience in software development life cycle and its methodologies, business process mapping and developing reporting dashboards. He is a quick learner and has an impressive ability to comprehend and utilise new technologies.

He has only been with the company for just over a year but he has already made a significant impact both internally and externally at VIOOH. Richie is well known across the company for his effective communication skills of complex, cross-function and geographically diverse stakeholder groups. He is able to take complex data and turn it into language people understand, and can use, for the good of their clients.

Internally, Richie works with many different functions across the business and is always happy to help anyone and is easy to work with on any project or challenge he is faced with. One of his roles at VIOOH is to use data to help create internal analysis and insights that help VIOOH better understand our client base and campaign habits. This type of analysis is invaluable for VIOOH and allows us to work more effectively and strengthens our client offerings. As a result of his hard work, during our monthly Commercial town hall meetings, Richie is often nominated by his peers for internal recognition awards for his dedication to helping others be more effective in their roles.

From an external perspective, Richie does an amazing job of turning numbers into structured data that helps add value to every client conversation we have at VIOOH. This allows us to better inform our clients in monthly governance and quarterly business review meetings. It also enables our account managers to have strong, strategic and focused discussions with our clients that have added maximum feature value to campaigns they run with us. As a result of his analysis and insights for clients, in our latest client engagement survey – when asked on an overall basis how satisfied they are working with VIOOH – 86% of our DSP partners voted positively and 0% voted negatively.

Despite his busy role, Richie is a valued member of the company who always makes time to get involved in cultural and charitable activities. Outside of VIOOH, he is also an educational volunteer and started a reading club for underprivileged children in Bangalore.

To conclude, Richie is a collaborative champion at VIOOH who goes above and beyond to create meaningful analysis which is invaluable for our business and our partners, and he is also an active member of the company who is always a team player and makes a difference on a daily basis.

Jonathan Raimondo


Working cross-departmentally alongside commercial, product, product support, and client management, Jonathan has become an indispensable member of the Supply-Side Platform (SSP) team during his two years at Xandr.

With a Masters in Chemical Engineering, Jonathan entered the adtech industry via a role in Ad Ops at MailOnline. A highlight from his time at the Daily Mail was developing an in-house template code for which allowed them to serve skins without using third-party vendors. After three years, he joined Oracle as an Integrations Analyst. Working with brands and agencies across EMEA gave Jonathan a foundational education in adtech and specifically supply-side monetisation. In his current role as Solutions Consultant, Jonathan works directly with publishers, agencies, networks, and resellers to onboard and monetise across many formats including display, video, native, app, and CTV inventory.

Jonathan is well-versed in the ever-evolving regulation concerning the digital advertising industry. He maintains expert-level knowledge of industry regulations, like GDPR, to provide informed and reliable advice for clients and internally at Xandr. He is able to transition from small to large accounts with agility and is consistently resolving complex issues with clarity and ease. As a result of this dedicated approach to his role, Jonathan has received glowing client recommendations, specifically from Discovery who has consistently highlighted Jonathan’s indispensable impact on their account. He is incredibly proud of the relationships that he’s forged with clients, and was recently invited to meet a client aboard so they could personally thank him for his work.

As a colleague, Jonathan is a welcoming and supportive presence, always offering his time and insights to bolster the expertise of his colleagues and Xandr as a business. He constantly looks beyond his role and remit to collaborate and support anyone who might need it. As a result, Jonathan has been chosen to support employee onboarding, and he’s often found acting as a knowledge buddy supporting new recruits with sell-side or wider industry topics. Outside of client wins, and revenue success, this is a part of Jonathan’s role that he is highly honoured to do and he is very proud to support employees at the very start of their Xandr journey.

From taking the time to check in with a client after they expressed personal difficulties with their boss, to coordinating birthday celebrations for his colleagues, Jonathan has made his presence felt, even in the virtual world. He is a warm, diligent individual who is universally liked and respected both internally and with clients for his collaborative spirit and adtech competence.

Dianka Bohuslaw


Dianka began her career in AdTech at Xandr and rose through the ranks to Manager of Client Operations five years later.

Her first role as People Operations Coordinator for International, saw her working as a part of Talent Acquisition, and being responsible for the talent Xandr would attract. She oversaw the whole candidate experience, creating and implementing a statement of procedure for the new hire process. She made it her mission to get to know hiring managers on a one-to-one basis and build the foundation necessary for a great working relationship. She built the same relationships with candidates and a good first impression was paramount to her in welcoming new faces.
After a year, she sought a different challenge and took an internal move in the Client Operations Team. She transitioned from being the first point of contact and the ‘face’ of Xandr to being the ‘gatekeeper’ and the final checkpoint to onboard clients onto the platform.

She ensures a seamless internal Client Experience, from contracting set-up to ongoing client support. Collaborating with global commercial teams in EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and the US, she is adept at identifying and implementing growth opportunities and works directly with the commercial leads to ensure business needs are met. Building strong relationships is a particular skill and passion, which has led her to create rapport across all levels of the business. She is a team player and keen to motivate others. She thrives in mentoring new team members, sharing her knowledge, and leading interactive training sessions.

Dianka is a born leader and turns her ideas into reality, steeped in supporting others. As Xandr’s Mental Health Ambassador, she works tirelessly to increase awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. She is a qualified Mental Health First Aider and stands up for new initiatives such as ‘Deskercise’, leading different Wellbeing workshops i.e. Energy Session, and partnering with NABS and other organisations to promote the importance of these initiatives. Deskercise was an idea she had at the start of lockdown when she personally felt the lack of movement and facetime with colleagues. Knowing that others felt the same, she wanted to do something to make a difference. She launched a 4 week programme for the London Office as part of Mental Health & Wellbeing Month. It was so successful that the sessions are now run for the whole of EMEA.

Her passion and energy is infectious and has transformed the motivation and attitudes of many staff to be more positive. This quality was invaluable during the pandemic, and Dianka has set up a working group for employees to help spread awareness on mental health issues, and to discuss any current problems.

Her conscientious “can-do” attitude means that she is a highly approachable member of the team, and she is always available to support colleagues regardless of her personal workload. She is also part of the Women’s Network, and is always promoting and advocating Women in Sport.

Kathryn Foster


Kathryn is no stranger to meeting a challenge head-on under immense pressure. Having unexpectedly stepped up to run the global communications department when her senior colleague left Xandr 6 months ago, she has proven herself as a competent, and reliable communications expert.

Taking the reins of the second-largest global marketplace for premium advertising, Kathryn’s role at Xandr was turned upside down. In the interim, while a replacement was sourced, she embraced her elevated role and approached the complex responsibilities with calm control. She originally managed four PR agencies, which increased to nine when she took over the global role, the agencies sat across Northern, Southern, and Central Europe, LatAm, USA, Australia, and APAC. Kathryn supports them all, giving her time, energy, and expertise when it’s needed. In early 2022 she earned herself a promotion to Senior Corporate Communications Manager, EMEA, due to her diligent commitment to the different demands in her role.

After graduating from University, Kathryn cut her teeth in the world of recruitment for a year, before bounding into the PR industry where she worked at Cirkle, one of the UK’s leading consumer brand PR consultancies. From there, she joined APCO Worldwide as an experienced consultant working across corporate communications and strategy for a variety of tech, logistics, F&B, and healthcare clients, before joining Xandr.

Kathryn is an Agency Collaboration Champion as she lives and breathes the word ‘collaboration’ in her role across the organisation. She works directly with all the teams across the company from the C-suite right through to product teams and the marketing lead so she can disseminate expert insights to press agencies. On top of this, she supports key spokespeople to develop their conference speeches, media interviews, and content writing. She collaborates across the entire company, mentoring her colleagues every step of the way.

James Jones, Senior Director, International Marketing, Xandr
“I’m so impressed with the way Kathryn has approached and developed on her role at Xandr. She’s been with us for over two years now, and her impact has been huge.“Taking on complex projects, and increased responsibilities at short notice means she has a built an excellent reputation across the company as a reliable and competent communications partner. Her judgment is always sound and she’s shown that she’s capable of navigating a hugely complex industry with ease.”

Paul-Antoine Strullu, General Manager, Southern Europe, Xandr
“As an industry in a constant state of change, adtech can often be an intimidating place. However, Kathryn’s can-do attitude means she’s navigated the digital advertising landscape, along with its complex topics with assurance and curiosity.

“Working within a multi-market, global company can also be tricky, but Kathryn has a natural ability for understanding the nuances in communication cross-culturally and sometimes through language barriers. I’ve seen her maintain professionalism and enthusiasm throughout.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Kathryn. She began her role remotely, but she has made her presence felt throughout the entire company, and I’m so pleased she’s being recognised through this award nomination.”

Kerry Willis


Kerry is the Head of Technical Account Management at VIOOH and has been with the company for just over a year. Previously, she has worked in Client and Team Leadership positions at the likes of Dunnhumby, where she worked with brands such as Tesco, Unilever, Heineken and Diageo.

Her role at VIOOH involves leading the Technical Account Manager team and scaling the global team to deliver world-class technical account management. She works in partnership with VIOOH’s clients to deliver their commercial ambitions, through driving technical efficiencies and operations.

Kerry is the ultimate doer – she has already led numerous initiatives to help her team and the wider company. She is always happy to help others and finds solutions to problems, and she always does this with strong communication skills and robust processes. For example, she has put in numerous successful initiatives such as new tagging and escalation processes for Technical Account Managers, new troubleshooting processes and improving the coordination of reporting tools, to name a few.

She operates with high standards and strong values and strives to do what is morally right and sets a high bar for others – she walks the talk. As a result, she has established herself as a trusted partner to VIOOH’s clients and internal teams very quickly, building a strong internal network. Her strong customer focus has not gone unnoticed and even after a short period of time at the company she received numerous positive mentions in VIOOH’s client satisfaction survey results, for example, “Kerry is great to work with and takes the time to understand the need and follow through” – JCDecaux US executive sponsor.

Another key area Kerry is passionate about and strives in, is helping her team members grow into the roles they really want and ones that suit them in the long term. To achieve this, Kerry has spent a lot of time working on personal development plans for her team to understand their goals and aspirations, and then she uses her reach within the business to find opportunities that could help them reach their goals – not always easy in a smaller scale-up organisation.

A recent example of Kerry’s development plans working well is when one of her team members transitioned into a Product Marketing position within VIOOH. Kerry shared the opportunity with her team member, supported her through the interview process and championed her when she was successful in gaining the role. This teamwork and collaboration not only meant her team member gained a new role that suited her long term goals but the Marketing team gained a strong internal candidate who has unique and valuable technical knowledge she can bring to her new team and role.

Andreas Jürgensen


Danish tech entrepreneur and current CEO and co-founder of Passendo, Andreas has had multiple successful business ventures over the last 25 years, including Denmark’s first privately held ISP.

A true internet professional and self-professed tech nerd, Andreas has a particular interest in the development and commercialisation of the internet. Former Group CTO at Ad Pepper Media Group, Andreas is technically adept at working with emerging technologies and systems architecture, while also excelling at building international teams and delivering business outcomes – particularly in the digital advertising industry.

He lives and breathes adtech and is an active commentator on what is impacting our industry. He is to go to for advice for many and is often the behind the scenes hero within the industry.

Adtech Hero

Justin Taylor


Justin has been the Managing Director, UK, of Teads for seven years. Previously Managing Director of MEC Digital UK, Justin is tasked with driving Teads’ growth in the UK market. Named one of The Drum’s Mobile Top 50 and possessing more than fifteen years of experience in the digital media industry, Justin has been leading Teads’ growth in the UK market from the front. 

Justin has growth in his sights – not only for Teads but the AdTech industry as a whole. He is passionate about raising the standards at every step of the consumer journey and believes that shifts in consumer demand coupled with how advertisers – plus their buy and sell-side partners – are changing, all stem from a greater focus on quality. Teads promotes sustainable media by providing respectful advertising experiences that fund quality journalism. Since his agency days Justin has focused on driving change for a more responsible media ecosystem. He is pushing for advertisers to utilise responsible media that put the user experience first. He believes that in turn, platforms and publishers that ensure sustainable data practices and create high-attention environments will be rewarded with customer loyalty, whilst increasingly considering and negating their impact on the environment. Teads has seen off competitors based on outstanding culture of #playingtowin, bringing together best in class sales team (as proven by Y.O.Y recognition in IPA Media Owner Survey), incredible technology and reputation with publishers (all major UK publishers are integrated with the Teads platform).

Justin leads the Manchester office that was opened under his stewardship in 2017. At the time it was not common for an AdTech platform, but Justin recognized the opportunity from both a business and talent perspective to have a regional base there and it has been a massive success. The Teads Manchester team is currently 11, looking to grow to 20 by the end of 2022.

Justin is also keen to create change in AdTech where it needs it. In the current UK leadership team, out of a group of 13, 6 are female, across departments including key roles within sales, publishing, finance and Teads Studio. A near 50:50 ratio is relatively unheard of across most industries, let along AdTech. He has championed Teads UK to have a culture committee to develop initiatives to further diversity in Teads and broader AdTech community, as well as investing significant L&D budgets into programmes such a Practice Makes Unperfect (9 Teadsters have currently completed the program).

He lives this approach as well, mentoring several people within the business despite his seniority. He is keen to see people grow beyond their roles and realise greater potential, the same view he takes for Teads’ business and shows why it has been so successful over the years

Paul Coggins


Paul began his career at the advent of digital advertising in the mid-1990s, selling some of the UK’s very first digital banners whilst working for John Brown Publishers. Embedding himself in the industry, Paul’s perseverance and eye for innovation led to him holding a number of director roles at leading companies in the 2000s, including Carlton Online (later, Greenlight Search, Zanox and GETMEIN (later acquired by Ticketmaster). Then in 2010, Paul helped launch Ebuzzing, now Teads, one of the world’s largest video advertising marketplaces, to the UK market.

With a passion for all things creative, in the early 2010s Paul saw that mobile advertising was noticeably falling behind in this regard. So, drawing upon almost two decades of expertise across search, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, video and display advertising, in 2014 Paul launched Adludio. Built from the ground-up, Adludio delivers innovative creative and superb performance for mobile ads, and is now a global advertising platform with offices in seven cities. Under Paul’s leadership, Adludio has secured numerous awards, including Techcrunch Europa’s “Best Advertising and Marketing Company” and the Eurobest Lions “Innovation Award”, as well as been listed on the Sunday Times’ Tech Track and the Deloitte Fast 50.

With such success, Paul ensures that his employees are well-looked after. During the stresses of Covid, Paul introduced a 4.5-day working week to ensure everyone had less screen-time and more down-time. Having a negligible effect on productivity, Adludio has kept this model in place into 2022. Indeed, with offices across the globe, Paul ensured Adludio was well-prepared for the realities of working from home, having been an early-adopter of remote working apps like Slack.

Wanting to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, Paul embraces change head-on, be it changes related to the market, compliance, or ad tech trends, but he always puts people first and foremost. That is why Paul looks to champion his employees wherever possible, and has launched several initiatives aimed toward the development of his staff (and of Adludio’s clients). For example, the Adludio Academy was set up by Paul to train anyone who wants to learn new skills and more about mobile advertising. This course has benefited Adludio’s employees and its clients as they traverse the fast-paced, ever-evolving and thrilling landscape of mobile advertising.

Conscious of his business’ social footprint, Paul has implemented an entirely new set of ‘Company Core Values’, alongside the ‘Adludio for Good’ initiative, ensuring that the company uses digital in a positive way. Additionally, while operating a global company, Paul has made certain to foster growth at home.

Finally, since the mid-2010s Paul has been an unpaid Non-Exec member for London & Partners, the commercial arm for the Mayor of London, and for dot.London, driving investment into British ad tech and promoting the nation as a global lea

Steffen Svartberg


Steffen is a huge champion of sustainability and a loud voice in the industry to drive change.

One of the Nordics’ foremost digital business leaders, Steffen has transformed the conversational advertising space with the creation of Cavai and has become a leading light in UK and beyond. In just over three years Cavai has expanded into ten global markets, working with agencies, publishers, advertisers and technology platforms to enable brands to offer seamless customer service through pioneering conversational ad technology. Steffen has harnessed the progressive use of chatbots and messaging and translated it into a new advertising genre to help brands engage in meaningful communication with their customers in an era where every interaction counts. As a founder, Steffen’s passion for his business is infectious and provides the cornerstone to this dynamic, engaging team of digital specialists.

Jeremy King


Trained scientist turned market research guru, Attest founder and CEO Jeremy King is dedicated to helping the world’s biggest and fastest-scaling brands tap into the powers of continuous insights. After seeing an urgent need to open up a channel of communication between consumers and the brands they love, he dreamt up the concept for Attest’s consumer research SaaS platform. The end result? A speedy, on-demand solution that puts consumer data at the center of all decision-making.

When King first entered the consumer research space, he noticed major gaps in the way brands were able to leverage consumer insights. They either had to rely on legacy research institutions that are expensive and slow-moving, or settle for inexpensive solutions with unreliable results. At best brands were being led astray by misrepresentative figures and at worst they were just a few steps behind the curve.

He saw this as a major contradiction to the world’s growing dependency on data and wanted to create a self-serve platform that would allow everyone from marketers to insights specialists to deploy targeted surveys and talk to consumers whenever they want. In his mind’s eye, this type of solution would not only help brands grow without guesswork, it would also prepare them for the fallout associated with a “cookieless future” and stricter data privacy regulations.

Powered by King’s novel multi-methodology approach, Attest’s SaaS consumer research platform can spool up surveys in as little as 90 seconds and produce results that are significantly higher-quality, more reliable, and delivered faster. With a keen understanding that not all end-users are survey experts, King has also pioneered three layers of quality control – both human and machine-learning led – to ensure that the speed of the platform isn’t at the cost of low-quality data.

Instead of relying on the status quo single panel, King has been instrumental in developing Attest’s unique methodology that taps multiple panel sources, solving for data industry pain points such as “panel fatigue” and slow response times. By opening up the pool of respondents to an audience of 110 million across 49 countries, survey results come back quicker, respondents are more eager to participate, and end-users can rest assured that the results are representative.

Fast-forward to today and King has grown Attest into a 130-person global team with headquarters in both London and New York. Since its inception nearly seven years ago, he’s led the company through tremendous growth, including a $16 million Series A funding round with backing by Silicon Valley’s top investment firm NEA.

He’s also seen through the rapid expansion of Attest’s platform into the United States market, with some of the biggest brands being added to the company’s client roster. These include heavy-hitters such as Microsoft, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Fabletics and eToro. As King looks toward the future, he’s eager to bring the power of continuous insights into fast-scaling businesses across food and beverage, retail, fashion, fintech, direct-to-consumer, and beyond.

Kristian Claxton


Kristian Claxton is Managing Partner at Finecast, leading business growth through partnerships, product, sales and marketing initiatives that drive value for customers. Kristian inspires and educates partners about the addressable TV advertising proposition and delivers on strategic and commercial objectives, driving increased adoption.

A large part of Kristian’s role involves advocacy of addressable TV advertising, walking hand-in-hand with advertisers – from the world’s biggest to those new to TV as an advertising mechanism – to help them understand how it can work for their specific business needs.

Through his leadership, Finecast has grown company revenue 84% on a 5-year CAGR basis, developed a portfolio of over 250 active brands across all major advertising verticals and has led the way in developing clients’ understanding of the benefit Finecast brings to their media and business KPIs by delivering over 300+ bespoke campaign effectiveness studies. He is relentless in his pursuit to provide clients with an enhanced understanding of TV.

Kristian recently launched a business development unit whose primary objective is to support Finecast’s medium – and long-term commercial growth ambitions by delivering a sustained competitive advantage to advertisers and their brands. Primarily, this cross-functional unit will identify, evaluate, and execute partnership opportunities within the TV ecosystem that enhance Finecast’s addressable TV product offering. Simultaneously, enhancing advertiser’s knowledge by developing bodies of work that provide them with a market-leading understanding of how to use TV in the new normal digital age.

Kristian and his team have also enabled clients to innovate. Working with Mars Petcare to promote its Cesar dog food brand, Kristian worked with the client to help it activate its first-party data and drive sales uplift. By building audiences on Finecast’s platform through Kristian’s leadership, Mars saw a 382% total spend uplift vs its investment in addressable TV advertising, a 15.2% increase in spend per customer and a 90% increase in sales from its existing customer base.

Kristian has been instrumental in establishing partnerships to enhance Finecast’s offering. In May 2021 it announced a partnership with Nectar that enables the integration of its online and in-store purchase behaviour data into Finecast’s proprietary platform to offer clients advanced targeting and measurement capabilities with their addressable TV campaigns. The integration includes data such as category purchases, shopping behaviour, customer missions and custom audience builds to accurately identify key audiences for their creative based on their shopping habits. This enables brands to reduce ad spend wastage and increase their return on ad spend by directly reaching specific, relevant households.

Kristian’s commitment to the industry has been recognised outside Finecast too. He was invited to and has taken part in the WPP Maestro programme – a series of immersive and experiential programmes designed to help senior client leaders explore and develop their client leadership potential and shift from transactional service providers to trusted partners. Kristian has also been invited to the WPP McKinsey Black Leadership Academy which is a programme designed to equip Black leaders with the capabilities, mindsets, behaviours and network needed to achieve their professional aspirations.

Matt Nash


Matt Nash has worked across the digital ecosystem since 2000, kicking off his journey at the Guardian before moving to become MD of Faceparty, the UK’s first social network.

It was here that Matt built commercial and partnerships teams from scratch, hiring, training and developing a team of graduates and school leavers. These staff members have since gone on to achieve great careers at the likes of Amazon, Dazn, FOX, and Rubicon Project, with many more starting their own businesses. Matt spent time educating agencies and advertisers regarding the opportunity that social media offered back at a time when the vast majority of brands were frightened of user generated content.

In 2008, Matt launched OOSocial, one of the UK’s first social and mobile media agencies and developed award-nominated campaigns for the likes of Citroen, Chelsea FC and the Department of Transport. His team developed the inaugural iPhone app for the Open Golf Championship in 2009 in partnership with the R&A, achieving the number one position in the app store upon its release.

Between 2011-2015 Matt was on the founding team of the UK division of Cardlytics who successfully IPO’d, and was VP Europe at The Exchange Lab who were acquired by Group M.

In 2016, Matt became UK MD for Neo@Ogilvy. It was in this role that he launched the ‘Future Stars’ programme in partnership with NDA. The programme was created to promote the amazing talent working with Ogilvy at the time. Matt led the Neo team through the move from Ogilvy to Group M/Mindshare, a transition with many moving parts. It was a delicate time with many staff considering themselves Ogilvy through and through but Matt’s maturity and empathy ensured the move was a great success for the Ogilvy staff.

In 2019, Matt joined ad tech company Scibids and launched it into the UK market. He has taken the business from a small startup with just a few clients to where it is today, working with the world’s largest agencies and clients including Group M, IPG, Publicis and Havas.

At Scibids, Matt continues his fantastic work, partnering with the founders to develop an environment where team members are able to thrive in a business that is scaling quickly and extensively. He has pioneered the use of career development plans and internal mentoring programmes, highlighting how developing others has remained at the core of his work, motivating him throughout his career in digital and ad tech. It is very important to him that team members are promoted externally, ensuring the spotlight is not only on him but on the wider team.

Endorsement from Chris Turner, Partner, Head of Programmatic Services UK, Mediacom:
“Matt has been a great partner to a number of our clients, helping to build trust and understanding regarding what it takes to successfully deploy custom algorithms. He works at all levels within the agency, recognising who needs what from an education and collateral point of view, always delivering relevant material and advice.

Patrick Johnson

Hybrid Theory

There is no blueprint for the future of advertising but if there was one, it would have been written by Patrick Johnson.
He has been such a huge champion for helping agencies and marketers traverse the complex post cookie era and his opinion really counts for those that lean on him.

Patrick leads Hybrid Theory in its mission to simplify marketers’ worlds and help brands achieve their business goals.

Patrick has been CEO and Chairman of Hybrid Theory for over five years. Through his approach, he has looked to simplify the AdTech world for brands and agencies by focusing on how to solve macro business problems through advertising.

Prior to Hybrid Theory, Patrick held senior roles across some of the biggest agencies in the world, including Publicis Groupe where he focused on business transformation and WPP as Global Commercial Director leading long-term management strategy.

Now, Patrick leads Hybrid Theory on its global journey to evolve the marketing industry. With a focus on partnerships, Patrick and his global team want to bring together the best tech and talent to create engaging and effective advertising. Totally transparent in his approach, Patrick is on a mission to ensure trust in programmatic advertising.

Dom Kozak


Dom has been central to the UK’s programmatic OOH journey. From helping build out JCDecaux’s product, onboarding new partners, through to exceptional client engagement, he’s overseen many programmatic firsts: JCDecaux’s first programmatic campaign which effectively launched scalable programmatic DOOH in the UK; the UK’s first programmatic campaign with dynamic content; and the first ever DV360 DOOH campaign. As JCDecaux enters its 4th year of trading in the UK, he’s also knowledgably supporting other JCDecaux markets through their programmatic journey. In 2022 99% of our inventory now available to buy programmatically and this milestone achievement has been made possible in no small part thanks to Dom. Our partners think the same too:

“The true potential for programmatic DOOH is considerably more exciting than many currently realise. I say this with absolute confidence thanks to the work we at Scoota have been fortunate enough to be doing with Dom Kozak at JCDecaux. Apart from being a real pleasure to work with, Dom has made it his mission to drive pDOOH to new levels from the moment he picked up the reigns. It is extremely refreshing to work with someone who cuts through the rhetoric to uncover the best solutions available and to push those into being real and tradable. Dom has been absolutely instrumental in making pDOOH what it is today and such is his energy and enthusiasm for it, I know there’s a lot more incredible work to come.” – James Booth, Founder & CEO, Scoota

And Dom’s achievements are best summed up by JCDecaux’s Chief Commercial Officer:

“Dom regularly goes above and beyond for our clients and partners, and he’s an enormous support to the team here at JCDecaux too. He demonstrates genuine knowledge, passion and is a brilliant advocate for Programmatic OOH”. I couldn’t be prouder of his achievements and I believe he is thoroughly deserving of this award” – Mark Bucknell, CCO, JCDecaux UK