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Cribz’ with Rory Sutherland

In a homage to MTV’s Cribs, Ogilvy UK vice chairman Rory Sutherland takes us on an illuminating, hilarious and often frankly weird tour of his home, from his self-cleaning toilet to his home videoconferencing rig and Rasberry Pi-enabled replica of his local train station departure board.

Sutherland appeared at the end of day four of  The 99//Club Digital Festival, where he discussed his view of the impact of the pandemic and marketing’s role as a result.

The week-long invite-only festival is a collaboration between MAD//Fest and New Digital Age, and follows a successful 99 Club event held earlier this year before lockdown. Over the course of five days 99 speakers debated topics across themes including media and tech, customer experience and personalisation, brand experience and creativity and innovation for growth.


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