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Industry leaders reveal the secrets of growth marketing

Senior marketers from brands including Mondelez, Unilever and Weetabix have contributed to a new report exploring the much-misunderstood discipline of growth marketing.

The report – ‘Why every brand should develop a Growth Marketing mindset’ – produced by ControlVExposed (CvE) in association with New Digital Age (NDA), also gathers up-to-date insights from a range of DTC brands such as Bella & Duke, Gymbox and Nivea, which recently launched its own DTC e-commerce platform.

Explaining the thinking behind the report, Paul Frampton, Global President at CvE, said: “The idea of ‘growth hacking’ was popularised around 10 years ago as businesses like Amazon and Airbnb famously used an Agile and data-led approach to turbo-charge growth in all aspects of their business. Growth marketing is an offshoot of that same thinking, and shares many of the core facets of growth hacking, as both use an Agile approach to test and learn. 

“In the post-pandemic world, growth marketing is a discipline that is increasingly relevant, but not widely understood. With marketers under more pressure than ever to maximise the effectiveness of their budgets, we wanted to shine a light on the potential of growth marketing with this special report.”

Justine Pearse, Managing Editor at New Digital Age, added: “Determining what exactly ‘growth’ means to your organisation and identifying where that growth is coming from in your marketing funnel is crucial for modern marketers, according to our expert panel. The report is packed full of expert insights into the vital role of data in growth marketing and concludes with a series of tips to help leaders adopt growth marketing in their own organisations.”

Download the report below: