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LiveRamp and NDA partner to launch ‘Meet the Revolutionaries’ 

LiveRamp, in association with New Digital Age (NDA), is to spotlight the men and women championing a data-led revolution in the marketing industry with a new series of articles, interviews and events.

‘Meet the Revolutionaries’ will focus on the efforts of a new breed of  industry executives who are helping to push digital marketing into a new era of data collaboration, with respect for the customer at its very core. 

Explaining the motivations behind the new series, NDA editor Justin Pearse said: “Consumers today live seamlessly across multiple platforms, devices and media and they expect the brands that are part of their life to be equally seamless. But, crucially, they are no longer prepared to accept the privacy-violating approaches of the past. The seismic macro shifts buffeting the marketing industry make this revolution not just needed but crucial for a brand’s very survival.”

Hugh Stevens, Managing Director UK, of LiveRamp added: “We are in a new era where brands are taking control of data, how they’re organising it and how they are using it at every stage of the customer journey. Whether that’s brands who have a lot of data through loyalty schemes or brands who have very little, there are a myriad of ways they are able to deliver a data-driven strategy through management, insight, activation and measurement to understand impact of the investment, which is even more of a priority with cookies very nearing their end. However, all of that is often much easier said than done.”

“The Meet the Revolutionaries series will focus on individuals who are helping to propel data collaboration into the marketing mainstream. All revolutions are led by people, fearless leaders bringing cohesion to any industry desperately in need of resolution. And it’s those people we want to celebrate; the individual forging a new industry built on common language, common goals, common technologies and a common desire to create a bigger, bolder industry serving the needs of consumers and advertisers.“

LiveRamp’s ‘Meet the Revolutionaries’ launches this month (June 2023).