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New Business Bulletin: Spotify, Ocean Bottle, The Fifth, Mailchimp, and more

Spotify is bringing the power of personalisation and discovery to this year’s Glastonbury Festival, via an integration with the Official Glastonbury App 2024, powered by Vodafone. For the very first time, fans will be able to link their Spotify account to Vodafone’s Official Glastonbury App, providing them with personalised recommendations on who to check out at the Festival based on their listening habits. When connecting to their Spotify, users will be served with their Top 10 artists from the line-up, in addition to a wider selection of recommendations via the Discover More option, providing users with a mix of music on current rotation and Spotify’s predictions of your next favourite artists. Fans are also able to head to the Artist pages on the Glastonbury app to check out their most popular songs.

Reusable bottle company Ocean Bottle has launched its first TV ad campaign with Sky Media, the advertising arm of Sky, after taking part in the 2023 Sky Zero Footprint Fund. The campaign tells us that by 2050, plastic is expected to outweigh all fish in the ocean, and now, more than ever, it’s time for change. Ocean Bottle’s TV campaign will air across a mix of Sky Media’s Linear and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms. The campaign will use Sky Media’s Performance Solution team to optimise delivery in real-time to maximise response. The VOD activity aims to drive brand awareness through the ‘Must See VOD’ package, featuring a wide range of Sky’s premium content. The first wave of the campaign will run until 11 July 2024. The creative was crafted and produced in partnership with Hatch London and follows best practice advice and recommendations from the Advertising Association’s AdGreen programme.

Spotify has launched its largest global marketing campaign since 2023 Spotify Wrapped. The ‘My Spotify’ campaign aims to celebrate all of the ways that people listen on Spotify. Featuring real fans and their real relationships with Spotify, the campaign spotlights relatable themes (like “My Spotify knows me better than my therapist,” “My Spotify remembers the 90s better than I do,” and “My Spotify is my own planet”), as well as the product features that make each Spotify experience so unique. Rolling out over several weeks, fans will find banners and personalised messages in-app revealing their unique “My Spotify” listening habits and recommending personalised features. The campaign is running across digital, social, and out-of-home, debuting in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, before expanding to more markets in the coming months.

The Fifth, News UK’s social and influencer marketing agency, has announced the launch of Studio 5, a full-service creative production studio. The new division was formed after The Fifth brought the creative production and artist representation agency Studio PI into its portfolio last year. Studio 5 will offer a suite of visual production services spanning live-action video, photography, animation, illustration, graphic design and experiential production. The studio centres around a set of core commitments, including the discovery and platforming of new diverse talent, inclusive crew sourcing, an empathy-led shoot culture, the creation of professional pathways for underrepresented creatives, and upskilling initiatives.

Spotify has launched a campaign to encourage young people to vote in the upcoming UK General Election on 4 July, engaging millions of users in the UK. With a large proportion of Spotify’s user base from Gen Z, the company is using its platform to reach these younger audiences and encourage them to take part. Spotify has launched a series of campaign activations, including in-app messaging; out-of-home billboards in Leicester Square, London and Victoria Street, Liverpool; and social media content shared with its followers across X, Instagram, and TikTok. It follows on from a similar, albeit more targeted, campaign for the recent UK local elections, which resulted in over 100,000 clicks to the Electoral Commission site and more than seven million impressions on Spotify in the week leading up to election day.

Mailchimp has introduced new revenue intelligence technology to give marketers more opportunities to win revenue. Mailchimp’s revenue intelligence – powered by always-on predictive and generative AI models – will soon deploy Intuit’s data through AI technology to benchmark customers’ marketing against billions of industry-specific financial inputs from Intuit QuickBooks and marketing performance data points, recommend the right time to target customers, and generate more personalised and revenue-driving content.

Contentsquare has announced its new Experience Intelligence Platform, connecting four typically-siloed analytics domains – Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), Product Analytics (PA), and Voice of Customer (VoC). The platform allows teams to connect previously separate data sources for a complete understanding of customers and their journeys. Contentsquare also announced it has added native, AI-powered VOC to its platform to enrich user behaviour insights, giving teams the ability to collect and validate feedback with replay sessions, quantify issues, and prioritise improvements.

Brandtech-owned generative AI Platform Pencil has integrated creative data platform CreativeX. By combining generative AI content production with creative data, Pencil and CreativeX are helping brands protect the creative quality of content generation. Inspired by their mutual clients Diageo and Unilever, CreativeX’s creative scoring technology is now directly integrated into the Pencil Pro Gen AI platform. This integration will enable brands to automatically see how any content created by Pencil scores against its creative best practices and guidelines. By being able to rank and filter their Gen AI-produced content against their own creative criteria, brands can safely accelerate the adoption of Gen AI ads.

Ecommerce technology company Rokt has entered into a partnership with online fashion store About You. The partnership will focus on expanding About You’s retail media program to include post-checkout placements, now live in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. Rokt will bring a range of premium advertisers to About You’s platform and provide a more relevant experience to its shoppers.

Wolt, a DoorDash-owned local commerce platform, has launched Wolt Capital, a service for providing access to additional financing for merchants. Wolt Capital offers revenue-based transparent financing to merchants with a proven sales record on the Wolt platform. This financing can be used for various business needs, including purchasing equipment, marketing, rent, hiring, payroll, and more. Wolt is partnering with Finmid to offer the service.

Digital presence platform Yext has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hearsay Systems, a digital client engagement platform, for $125 million, plus up to an additional $95 million if certain performance targets are achieved. The acquisition will combine Yext’s digital presence management platform with Hearsay’s engagement solutions across social media, websites, text, and voice. Hearsay helps 260,000 advisors and agents ensure all interactions meet regulatory and brand standards to reduce risk while providing a scalable way to manage customer engagement. Combined with Yext’s suite of products and AI technology, brands can access more channels in one platform, and leverage consolidated analytics and recommendations. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of Yext’s fiscal year 2025, ending 31 January 2025, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

Relo Metrics, formerly GumGum Sports, and search intelligence platform Captify have announced a partnership agreement that will augment Relo Metrics offering with Captify’s Search Lift measurement, a study that evaluates marketing campaign outcomes. The collaboration will bring Relo Metrics sponsorship performance data together with Captify Search Lift, for a unified measure across the entire buying cycle, from awareness to outcomes. This will enable Relo Metrics to extend its capabilities beyond traditional media valuations to include real and observable consumer behavior-based approaches.

Video technology company Connatix has launched a Data Intelligence Suite. This offering brings together fragmented identity and contextual data from across the ecosystem to increase addressability in all video environments. The Data Intelligence Suite is comprised of a set of solutions developed to support publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can leverage a collection of targeting solutions tailored to their goals, while publishers are able to close the addressability gap in their inventory. Part of the Suite is Connatix’s predictive audience targeting solution, which combines behavioural interest signals with any audience data to build predictive models.