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Why continuous learning is vital for brands in the digital age

Companies must embed continuous learning into their DNA to equip their workforce for the structural changes in work and career development being driven by digital technology, according to Tiffany St James, the founder of Transmute and former Head of Public Participation for the UK Government.

She was speaking at the launch of the 99 Club, a collaboration between New Digital Age and Mad//Fest that aims to bring together the most brilliant minds in marketing, advertising and tech.

“What’s interesting is that the digital skills that we are taught today will be obsolete and if we can do one thing for our younger talent and for all of us it’s to learn how to collaborate, learn how to network, really to learn how to learn,” she says in a video interview.       

The 99 Club from New Digital Age and Mad//Fest is an exclusive network of people who are changing the industry for the better, with events held quarterly. We can’t stop Brexit, Trump or the Royal Rumble at the Palace. But we can bring people together to make a positive contribution on issues like trust, innovation, diversity, talent, ethics or tech. If you know someone who should attend the next event, or hope to attend yourself, please get in touch and let us know why.

Watch the video interview here: