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Deloitte tips smart speaker, radio and 3D printing growth in 2019

Amid the flurry of annual predictions, Deloitte published its own fascinating take on what we should be looking out for this year in its 18th  TMT Predictions 2019  report.

The headline findings are below but what stuck us the most interesting was its predictions for 3D printing.

While it is at pains to point out that it will remain “niche”, Deloitte predicts that sales related to 3D printing will pass £2.1bn in 2019 and £2.4bn in 2020, growing by 12.5% year-on-year, more than double its growth rate compared to just a few years ago.

Heartening news for anyone convinced that 3D printing has an important role to play in innovation efforts.

The faster printing speeds, larger printing volume and an increase in the number of materials able to be printed are cited as the reasons behind the growth.

Deloitte Head of Global Research, Technology, Media Paul Lee said: “In 2019, 3D printing will finally start to make its mark. Companies across multiple industries are using the technology for more than just rapid prototyping. Bionic prosthetic limbs for children for instance, which are usually costly, particularly due to the need to replace these frequently as children grows, have been revolutionised by the introduction of 3D printing and can now be produced for a mere £20.”

The report’s highlights include:

  • Smart speakers will be the fastest-growing connected device in 2019, with expected growth of 63% year-on-year to reach £5.6bn in revenue worldwide;
  • Radio will continue to be a popular form of traditional media, with 47 million people in the UK expected to tune in and listen to radio at least weekly; 
  • Global 3D printing revenues from large public companies will rise by 12.6% to surpass £2bn, representing a significant but small proportion (0.02%) of all manufacturing revenues;
  • c.20 handset vendors will launch 5G-ready devices in 2019, with 50,000 5G-enabled handsets to be shipped in the UK by the end of the 5G enters the mainstream in 2019