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Ircode’s adtech solution merges physical and digital marketing

Ircode has launched its first-to-market adtech solution designed to bridge the gap between traditional media and the digital world. Utilising advanced neural networks and proprietary image retrieval technology, Ircode enables brands, agencies, and advertisers to create custom, interactive experiences by pointing a smartphone at an existing campaign image. 

Rather than using a QR code, ad visuals can be used to unlock exclusive experiences, product drops, deals, or create unique consumer access and discovery points. By shifting from passive to interactive, measurable media, Ircode redefines foundational interactions between consumers and advertisements.

CMOs and advertisers are increasingly demanding solutions that offer immediate feedback and measurable results, especially when assessing the value of static advertising. According to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, interactive ads increase consumer engagement by up to 60% compared to static ads, and the Consumer Technology Association surveys indicate 70% of consumers prefer interactive ad experiences over traditional, static advertisements. 

Matty Beckerman, founder and CEO of Ircode, commented: “Ircode started as an idea to change the way people see and learn about the world by merging the digital and physical realms. We envisioned hero visuals unlocking rich consumer experiences, but until now, there hasn’t been a clear way to make notable and viral campaigns both measurable and immersive. Recognising the gap in the market, we developed Ircode to excite consumers while empowering advertisers, changing the value and opportunity of any image or real-world object.”

Jason Wulfsohn, Co-Founder and CEO, AudienceX, said: “Ircode represents a significant leap forward in advertising technology, updating an outdated format and addressing a direct need in the market. This technology’s potential to transform how brands interact with consumers is immense. It seamlessly integrates with our omnichannel, full-funnel media strategies and powerful predictive analytics, enhancing engagement at every touchpoint. When we deliver these highly immersive experiences to consumers, we observe a significant impact on measurable performance.”