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Machine learning and connected TV help brands be trusted partners

New Digital Age has partnered with Entropy for the launch of  Digital Commerce for the New Decade and ahead of the event we’re talking to some of the speakers about the biggest trends in ecommerce.

Marta Vilella is Client Partner analytics and global trends company Foresight Factory.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for the ecommerce sector and how can they be overcome?

Eco-concerns around overconsumption and the overhaul of traditional ownership models will push retailers towards a more circular economy, in which products and services will be resold, recycled and upcycled in new and creative ways. 

A majority of Generation Z consumers are already selling the things they own online, so this is just the beginning of a shift in which online and offline spaces will have to be completely redesigned.

Have you seen any interesting digital commerce innovation recently that you’d like to share with readers?

Carlings’ virtual collection is definitely one of my favourites.

A clothes collection that can only be bought and worn online? Weird, you may think, but very much on trend with Generation Z’s desire to look good on social without the need of buying physical products.

Swedish innovation at its best!

How do you expect developments in machine learning and connected TV will affect digital commerce? 

This is such an opportunity for brands to become trusted partners for consumers — to prescribe and curate more based on our personal preferences and needs. We will increasingly rely on smart tools to take over life management and help us  optimise  decisions.

What will you speak about at Digital Commerce For The Next Decade on April 2nd?

I will cover key consumer trends that show how, in the future, ecommerce will become truly multifaceted — automated and prescribed by trusted players in some cases, and livestreamed and dominated by entertainment in others.

In all instances, we predict a much more integrated customer experience, in which real-world touchpoints will be used to provide pre-purchase product immersion and encourage customers along the shopping journey.

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