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Research reveals Top 10 most in-demand digital marketing tools

Research from Skyline Social has revealed the Top 10 most popular digital marketing tools worldwide. 

The study investigated over 80 digital marketing tools in over 300 search combinations on Google Keyword Planner to reveal the search volume for each tool. The search volume for each tool over the past 12 months was analyzed and then ranked to reveal the ten most popular digital marketing tools around the world. 

Surprisingly, the findings revealed that of all digital marketing tools and platforms available, YouTube ranks as the most popular tool – with an average monthly search volume of 10,483. YouTube is a powerful platform for digital marketing as it allows for content marketing, analytics on audience engagement, and other tools such as YouTube Ads. Marketers can leverage YouTube’s features to help them reach a global audience or target specific locations – this explains why it ranks as the most popular digital marketing tool.  

Most in-demand digital marketing tools worldwide, 2024 

Rank Tool Average Monthly Search Volume  
YouTube 10,483 
Square 9,656 
ChatGPT 7,370 
Canva 5,420 
Adobe Photoshop 5,100 
Semrush 3,625 
Zoom 3,597 
Shopify 3,234 
HubSpot 3,018 
10 Grammarly 2,763 

#2 Square – 9,656 monthly search volume  

 The finding revealed that Square ranks as the second most popular digital marketing tool, with an average of 9,656 monthly searches. Square is known for helping small businesses sell goods and services anywhere and anytime. The company offers POS systems, which are more suited for brick-and-mortar businesses, but they also provide e-commerce solutions for brands wanting to sell online. Its popularity is likely due to its ease of use, performance insights, and low running costs, all of which have helped it rank in second place. 

#3 ChatGPT – 7,370 monthly search volume 

The third most popular digital marketing tool is ChatGPT which has an average monthly search volume of 7,730. Originally intended as a chatbox and virtual assistant, ChatGPT’s AI capabilities make it a valuable digital marketing tool that is great for assisting with content creation, copywriting, and research. Furthermore, its popularity and trending status have helped it rank among the top three most popular digital marketing tools.  

#4 Canva – 5,420 monthly search volume  

Ranking as the fourth most popular digital marketing tool is Canva, with an average search volume of 5,420. Canva is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help with the creation of decks, infographics, and other creative content. It simplifies the design processes and has extensive features that make it a cost-effective and invaluable digital marketing tool. 

#5 Adobe Photoshop – 5,100 monthly search volume 

Photoshop ranks fifth, with an average monthly search volume of 5,100 searches. Photoshop has stood the test of time, being first developed in the 1980s, when digital marketing was not a real concept. Its consistent upgrades have made it a versatile tool to help create high-quality, professional, and visually compelling content. The software recently received a new ‘generative fill’ tool, which uses AI to add or remove content from existing images. The software’s iconic status and array of design tools have helped it land a position among the ten most popular digital marketing tools. 

#6 Semrush- 3,625 monthly search volume 

Semrush ranks as the sixth most popular digital marketing tool, with an average monthly search volume of 3,625. Its keyword research tools, backlink analytics, and overall insights make it a robust and comprehensive digital marketing tool that can help with digital marketing strategies and SEO campaigns. 

#7 Zoom – 3,597 monthly search volume 

It comes as no surprise that Zoom ranks among the ten most in-demand digital marketing tools. It is an essential tool for collaboration, communication, and virtual events. Zoom also allows for a global reach, breaking geographical barriers and allowing brands to reach a wider audience than in-person events. 

Rounding out the top ten is Shopify in eighth place, with an average monthly search volume of 3,324; HubSpot in ninth place, with an average search volume of 3,018 and Grammarly in tenth place, with an average search volume of 2,763.  

Commenting on these findings, Ash Davis from Skyline Social said: “Interestingly, YouTube has become a vital digital marketing tool, even though its inception was to share videos online. It does make sense for it to rank high in these findings, considering it is one of the biggest media platforms around the world with global appeal.

“Knowing and utilising the most popular tools can help equip you with the resources and insights needed to improve your marketing and online growth and awareness. These tools can also enhance creativity and efficiency, as many of them are designed to streamline or automate tasks.”