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Ad spending per user on Mobile Social Media to grow by 19% this year

Social media has become the preferred method for marketers to reach customers during the past decade. The trend is not likely to change in the coming years. According to the numbers presented by, companies will spend 19% more money per internet user on mobile social media in 2022. On average, companies will pay $36.37 per internet user to advertise on mobile social media in 2022.

According to the data available on, companies are expected to spend $226.01 billion on social media ads in 2022. Of this figure, 82% will be paid by companies on mobile social media, whereas the remaining 18% will account for desktop social media advertising. 

Hence, most of the ad spending on social media is targeted toward the mobile platform. The global average ad spending per user on mobile social media has become more than three-fold during the 2017-2021 period. In 2017, the average ad spending per user was $10.11 for mobiles. By 2021, this figure had increased to $30.57, indicating a 202% increase in the space of four years. 

Meanwhile, the spending on desktop advertising barely moved from $4.24 to $7.24 simultaneously.

Advertising spending on mobile social media has consistently increased since 2017 and mainly shot up during the pandemic years. The rate of increase in ad spend per user is expected to slow down in the coming years, but nevertheless, ad spending will continue to grow at a substantiate rate.

During the ongoing year, the average ad spending per user is expected to increase by 19% to $36.37. In 2023, the rate is expected to increase further by 14.3% to $41.56. By 2027, companies will spend $52.98 per user on mobile social media. In comparison, the spending on desktop advertising will be modest in the future. The average ad spending per user on desktop social media is expected to be $10.64 in 2027.

There is a stark contrast between ad spending in different countries. The United States market attracts the most money on mobile social media advertising. Marketers are expected to spend up to $226 per US customer on mobile social media in 2022.

In comparison, marketers are expected to spend only $125.7 per internet user in the United Kingdom and $64.41 per user in China.

You can read the entire report with additional statistics and information here.

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