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Case study: how RTB House Video Ads increased engagement with StockCenter’s rebranding campaign

StockCenter is the leading fashion and sports store in Argentina, with extensive coverage throughout the country. It is part of the Dabra Group, which processes more than 35,000 orders per month and has more than 1.5 million clients. 

The challenge 

In 2020, after the acquisition of the local operations of Netshoes, both brands had to be  merged and all sales migrated to a single an renewed platform. StockCenter needed a branding media strategy that communicated this transition accurately and engaged users with the new site. 

The main goals of the campaign were to:

  • Efficiently communicate the brand  transition. 
  • Reach lapsed users and a new audience with catchy messages. 
  • Increase awareness of the new brand. 

The strategy 

Video Ads from RTB House, based on a  unique Deep Learning technology, were able to provide high levels of personalisation  and engagement to the right audience. RTB House’s ContextAI solution is capable of analysing millions of websites and takes into  account different aspects of the context to  select the perfect placement and ad templates to better fit each opportunity. 

The results

StockCenter experienced significant benefits in three major areas thanks to RTB House Video Ads.

In the first instance, scalable technology precisely targeting the right users at the right time allowed optimisation of the  user frequency and maximized campaign reach: 

• 1.9 million unique users impacted during a three-month campaign period.

• 4x better reach with 3x lower frequency, in comparison to other video ad platforms. 

Secondly, the campaign represented efficient use of budget, delivering the brand’s message with highly effective ads that had good  viewability: 

• 3.9 M completed video views and an average 80% viewability according to external monitoring tools. 

• More than 6x higher user engagement (CTR), in comparison to other video ad platforms. 

Finally, RTB House Video Ads complement other campaigns on user-generated video content websites,  increasing the potential impact of the whole branding strategy. 

What the client said

“The recent acquisition of Netshoes by Dabra Group, the owner of Stock Center,  posed a big challenge for our team: the brand transition. In such moments,  creating the right partnerships is the key to success. Identifying the right target  and technology was crucial for making the best segmentation and bringing a  compelling message directly to where consumers were interacting. Powerful  statements and laser-focused media created the necessary engagement for  a flawless transition. The consumers know what the right choice is. Together,  we made their decision easy.” Alberto Calvo, CEO of Dabra Group & President of CACE  

“Through RTB House solutions, we could set up an innovative and highly personalized awareness strategy. Due to the merger that our company was going through, the attractiveness and accuracy of our online ads played an important role in engaging our audience. In fact, with the right support, we could ensure the best branding approach and significantly improve our engagement metrics.” Marina Zurano, Head of Digital Marketing at Dabra Group 


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