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Spotify launches ‘Brand Lift’ measurement tool

Spotify has launched Spotify Brand Lift (SBL), a new first-party measurement tool that provides businesses with a better understanding of how the media platform’s users are responding to their audio, video and display ads in the Spotify Free music experience.

The measurement tool is now available in 14 markets across the globe including UK, CA, AU, BR, MX, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, Nordics and JP, furthering Spotify Advertising’s larger initiative to grow demand for digital audio outside of the US. 

Audiences worldwide are tuned into digital audio at record rates and rising; however, outside of the United States, advertiser investment has been slower to follow this trend, most notably across Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia and Asia. Studies have shown that one of the reasons that advertisers have held back on digital audio is a lack of measurement solutions to help them understand and justify their investments in this space.

Spotify’s Brand Lift is the platform’s first step in delivering a suite of measurement tools. Advertisers and their Spotify sales team work together to identify the brand’s objectives and target audience then, upon the launch of a campaign, Spotifyrandomizes and splits the brand’s audience on Spotify into either a test or control group. These different groups are then asked to participate in an in-app poll survey up to 48 hours after they’ve heard or seen an ad. The difference in responses between the group that saw your ads and the group that didn’t helps to determine the influence an advertiser’s campaign on Spotify had on key brand metrics, such as ad recall, awareness, consideration, and more. 

Ahead of this general market availability, Spotify been testing SBL in a closed beta with dozens of advertisers. For example, Canadian mobile service provider,  Koodo Mobile, partnered with Spotify to reach the Gen Z and millennial streaming generation at scale. Kooodo wanted to increase awareness of their “Happy Deal Days” promotion and generate message association among difficult to reach young users. Using Spotify Brand Lift, they were able to quickly understand the results of their Spotify campaign: +23 point increase in ad recall and +2 point increase in message association.  

Meanwhile, UK brand Dorset Cereals created a Spotify campaign to increase brand awareness and drive purchase intent through their ‘Breakfast on the Slow’ campaign, encouraging Gen X and millennial consumers to press pause and savour their breakfast. The campaign, built to reach listeners during key morning moments, successfully drove awareness +5 points) and purchase intent (+3 points) of Dorset Cereals.

The launch of Spotify Brand Lift follows Spotify’s recent measurement and impact-focused announcements – the acquisitions of Podsights, a leading podcast advertising measurement service, as well as Chartable, a podcast analytics platform.