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Cindy Gallop: The pandemic gives us opportunity like we’ve never seen before

Cindy Gallop, one of the most powerful figures in the ad industry, a tech entrepreneur and tireless diversity campaigner, joined NDA for our Top 5 podcast.

In a typically forthright and no-holds barred discussion, Cindy lambasts the clique of white men holding back true change in the advertising and tech industry.

But she also passionately believes that the pandemic and the chaos it has unleashed, will finally be the turning point for real lasting change.

“For years I’ve  been asked if I see change happening in our industry when it comes to diversity, and for years I’ve said that only thing will drive change in our industry is complete and utter disaster,” she says. “And now we’ve had it. When everything breaks down utterly and completely it allows new models and ways of doing things.”

The pandemic and Black Lives Matter represent the total breakdown of the old order. Now is opportunity like you’ve never seen before.”

In the podcast, Cindy discusses diversity, ageism, creativity in the time of Covid, and innovation in the sextech industry.