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Inskin Media partners with Lumen Research to offer predictive attention estimates

Digital brand advertising company Inskin Media is working with Lumen Research to generate objective attention estimates for its formats, in order to provide advertisers with accurate predictive data on campaign performance.

Inskin claims its formats deliver exponentially higher attention – 15 times or more – compared to standard display ads. The company is now providing predictive attention estimates for each campaign, thanks to Lumen’s proprietary pool of data and algorithms, built on millions of eye-tracking impressions. Inskin will be providing metrics such as percentage of total Impressions looked at; average visual engagement time; attention per 1000 Impressions; and total attention.

Matthew Newcomb, CEO of Inskin Media, said: “We are leading the charge on offering unique and independently verified predictive attention estimates on every campaign on desktop and smartphone. By assessing the cost per attentive second of campaigns, we have shown that our Pageskin formats are the best value digital ad format you can buy.

“With consumers bombarded with thousands of branded messages every day, scarcity of attention and ‘banner blindness’ is a huge problem for the industry. But, by offering attention estimates, we can help ensure brands deliver high impact campaigns which deliver on business outcomes, thanks to the proven links between attention, recall, emotional engagement and sales.”

Inskin’s attention estimates are based on independent data which, combined with millions of impressions of Inskin creatives, has been used to analyse the visual engagement performance of its unique formats. Pageskin formats on desktop, for instance, were found to deliver on average between 3.5 and 4.5 seconds of attention.

Mike Follett of Lumen Research commented: “Lumen’s attention metrics are based on data and algorithms from our eye-tracking panel, which contains several years’ worth of attention data from hundreds of households – comprising thousands of websites and millions of eye tracking data points. By tracking a variety of publishing environments and ad formats on an impression level we have identified relationships between attention and other variables and can create effective predictive estimates. This is a game-changer for advertisers seeking reliable data on the impact of their campaigns.”

Lumen’s attention metrics will be included in all of Inskin Media’s end of campaign reports for clients, with no charge or minimum spend.