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My Digital Hero: Nick Emery, Mindshare Global CEO

James Harris, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Mindshare selected Nick Emery, Global CEO at Mindshare as his digital hero, now Nick passes on the honour by choosing his own hero.

God knows what year I met Saul Klein, too long ago for either of us to care to check. Suffice to say it was before Google, Facebook and Amazon.

I worked with Saul at Ogilvy and he stood out even at a time when his contemporaries were Johnny Hornby and James Murphy.

Saul was the archetypal iconoclast and has done what Jeremy Bullmore says we should all aspire to – graduating from enfant terrible to eminence grise.

He has gone from creating the Daily Telegraph’s fantasy football league to building own venture capital business – LocalGlobe. In between he was at the forefront of changes at Microsoft, Skype and the first recommendation and AI engines.

He now harnesses digital as a force for good, for education and for fairness.

He has had an incredible career doing what he loves and being a true digital pioneer.

We have a few more people like Saul starting out now – be nice to them, listen to them and have fun creating things with them.