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New Business Bulletin 19/3/21

Pan-European technology PR agency Tyto has announced that it has been appointed by Reporters Sans Frontières (Reporters Without Borders) as the international non-profit’s pro bono PR partner across Europe. Tyto’s brief aims to further shine a light on the limitations and dangers faced by free press worldwide, highlight just how many journalists are currently incarcerated due to dictatorial regimes and push for an end to media censorship and suppression. Tyto’s initial focus was on the promotion of RSF’s Violence Against Female Journalists report, which launched on March 8th to coincide with International Women’s Day. This was the first in the list of publications and campaigns that Tyto will support over the coming weeks and months. The partnership with Reporters Sans Frontières is being delivered as part of the Tyto Foundation – Tyto’s formal commitment to donate equal to 20% of its annual profit in free services to pro bono projects.

Cantium Business Solutions, a specialist IT, HR and finance provider, has announced its participation in a digital inclusion project to support families, vulnerable individuals and older people across Kent and Medway. As part of the digital-first approach, Cantium will work with Kent County Council (KCC) and Medway Council to provide citizens with the digital tools they need to continue accessing vital Public Health services. The multi-agency approach means Cantium will work with representatives from a range of agencies and businesses including Public Health, Integrated Children’s Services, IT Commissioning, libraries and organisations such as Kent Community NHS Health Foundation Trust, Medway Community Healthcare, North East London NHS Foundation Trust and Citizens Online, tailoring the solutions to individual need in order to optimise success. Cantium will provide device configuration, distribution and support assistance for a number of pilots. This will enable continued and increased access to vital services including health visiting, maternity services, social prescribing and substance misuse. The intention is to reduce inequity and ensure those who may not be digitally connected can have the same experience of service, for example having digital consultations with a health professional.

Salesforce and Tanium have announced the launch of their IT Service Centre solution which creates a new way of delivering employee IT service management in an increasingly remote-working world. The joint solution, designed to empower the IT help desk to make better, faster decisions with accurate, contextual data on the endpoint, is now generally available and will provide secure, cross-channel support and service with two-way visibility for employees and IT agents and resolve incidents before they’re logged with real-time endpoint visibility and control from Tanium. Additionally, the solution will bring together Salesforce trusted case management technology, automated workflows, and deep integrations. IT teams will be provided with information, not raw data, so that they can be at the centre of the security and operational universe, with the ability to install or uninstall software with one click, and perform initial triage, diagnosis, containment and remediation. The solution will also reduce the numbers of steps they need to take to resolve an issue and it will allow them to be proactive, as they will be provided with alerts on issues and the ability to fix them before the employee needs to enter a ticket.

mGage, in partnership with Oxfam GB, has deployed its next-generation Rich Communication Services (RCS) mobile payment solution, to encourage more donations and higher levels of engagement. At a time when charities are struggling amidst the pandemic, this campaign is supporting Oxfam with its vital work worldwide, fighting poverty and assisting victims of humanitarian crises. With positive results when compared to a standard Premium SMS send, this channel is proving to be more popular than traditional card payments, offering a unique opportunity for charities to boost revenue, whilst deepening the relationship with supporters. Additionally, the service’s Verified Sender feature offers absolute peace of mind and builds trust between both charities and supporters. Accompanied by branding, users can be assured that a message sent to them is legitimate, protecting against fraud and the reputation of the sender.

Media experience platform Cloudinary has announced the launch of Cloudinary Media Optimizer, a new product that automates image and video optimisation and delivery in the format and quality best suited for each end-user device, browser, and connection speed. With little to no manual work, businesses can offload format and quality optimisation to Cloudinary Media Optimizer, making their websites and apps faster and more visually engaging. It eliminates the need for web and application teams to create multiple asset versions and instead centrally controls, monitors and tweaks media performance and optimisation settings over time. This streamlined approach saves time and allows users to focus on other high-value work. With Media Optimizer, companies can automate optimisation and delivery of visual media experiences to end users with high visual fidelity and maximum byte savings – reducing the heavy bandwidth costs needed to deliver high-end visual experiences. This boosts engagement, conversions and brand loyalty, and scores well on Core Web Vitals, which can increase the amount of site visits.

Adverty, the in-game and esports advertising specialists, have been awarded the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Brand Safety Certified Seal after demonstrating its compliance with rigorous brand safety standards. The verification, which is independently validated through an audit by ABC, demonstrates Adverty’s compliance with industry best practices and gives brand partners greater confidence that their advertising will not be associated with content that could jeopardise their reputation. Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty, said: “It’s very important to us to create a safe, transparent and trusted environment in which our brand partners can operate, so to have official recognition of that is a significant milestone.