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New Business Bulletin:, OutSystems, Interbrand and many more, the partnership management platform, has announced the further expansion of its business operations in Europe, with the opening of its new offices in Milan, Italy, and Paris, France. is now represented in 20 locations worldwide, including seven in Europe. Expanding into new regions allows and its clients to create new partnerships, further enabling client partnerships worldwide. Additionally, launching into new regions allows to gain further traction in key verticals, like fashion in Milan, and hire diverse leaders all over the world, who are experts in their markets.

OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, has teamed up with Western Union, a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments, to support the launch of its new digital banking offering in Germany, Poland, and Romania. By developing mission-critical applications and customer portals on the OutSystems platform, Western Union is able to build products that extend its relationship with customers, and create a new, digital banking experience for the future. Partnering with OutSystems, Western Union was able to build a full-service digital customer experience that provides users the ability to streamline multi-currency money transfers, fulfilling a business-critical need for digital transformation. The flexible user experience on OutSystems makes it easy for Western Union to integrate its applications with new platforms and make customisations. Additionally, the power and flexibility of the OutSystems platform provides an accelerated ability to test and change applications continuously, paving the way for future and ongoing innovation.

Interbrand has announced its Best Global Brands 2022 ranking at Web Summit 2022. Apple holds onto the number one position for its 10th consecutive year, while Microsoft has moved up into second place, overtaking Amazon. Microsoft, Tesla and Chanel have seen the greatest YoY percentage growth, all increasing brand value by 32%. Despite Tesla’s continued growth, it could not replicate the 184% increase in brand value it saw in 2021. Airbnb, Red Bull and Chinese tech brand, Xiaomi, are new entrants for 2022, with Uber, Zoom and agricultural machinery manufacturer, John Deere, all falling out of the top 100. 

Sportradar has announced a new agreement with Kindred Group for the provision of paid social media advertising to boost customer acquisition through its ad:s multi-channel performance marketing platform. Under the terms of the deal, the sports technology company is helping the global digital entertainment brand to grow its customer base and increase the effectiveness of its advertising spend by optimising social media as an acquisition channel. Sportradar’s ad:s paid social advertising solution enhances Kindred’s ability to effectively target and acquire customers across social media, through deeper understanding of online behaviours and the delivery of relevant, real-time content based on individual interests. The company’s proprietary technology automatically generates hundreds of thousands of personalised adverts, allowing three of Kindred Group’s flagship brands, 32Red, Unibet and VladCasino, to send more effective messages directly to sports fans and bettors across the Meta platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

Magnite, the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, has entered into a strategic collaboration with rlaxx TV, an ad-supported VOD service available in 26 countries. As part of the deal, rlaxx TV will utilize Magnite’s technology to manage its OTT inventory across CTV and mobile apps. Magnite’s CTV platform provides rlaxx TV with tools specifically built to support premium, long-form video and the high-quality viewing experiences that this content demands. The rlaxx TV app is now available on more than 60% of smart TVs in 26 countries as well as on media streamers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and as a Beta version on the web. The app is free of charge and does not require registration.

As Heathrow Airport announces potential impositions of caps on passenger numbers at busy times around Christmas, a new report by customer engagement platform has revealed that nearly half (48%) of all customer enquires sent to the UK’s leading travel companies are failing to be responded to. Despite the potential for travel issues to arise at any time in the day, the study highlights that just 20% of travel companies provide 24-hour customer support, with 48% being contactable during office hours only. 

In its commitment to enabling the next generation of programmatic advertising, MiQ, the global programmatic media partner, has announced the acquisition of UK-based AirGrid, the privacy-first audience platform. Powered by edge computing, AirGrid adds critical publisher-focused technology capabilities and proprietary data to MiQ’s extensive solution suite, accelerating its leadership in shaping the cookieless future for clients. AirGrid bolsters MiQ’s existing cookieless suite of authenticated data connection, advanced contextual data methods, and clean room solutions, which together power better analytics and targeting. With a global reach of hundreds of millions of users, AirGrid’s solutions are available now for any campaigns targeting UK supply, providing instant access to first-party data from five UK publishers and over 750 domains. MiQ is already working to expand this to the U.S. and Canadian markets, which will be available in the second half of 2023.

Addverb, a global robotics company providing complete end-to-end warehouse automation solutions for companies such as Unilever and Amazon, announced a strategic partnership with Element Logic, a warehouse optimization provider and the world’s first and largest AutoStore™ partner, as of yesterday.

Episode Six, the global payments and banking infrastructure provider, and Immersve, a multichain payments protocol and Scheme card issuer, have announced a partnership to facilitate Scheme payments directly from Web3 digital wallets. This partnership brings together Episode Six’s globally distributed issuer processing expertise and Immersve’s blockchain technology to give consumers access to a truly decentralized scheme payment product. Episode Six provides the card management and card issuance services as well as transaction processing, which will confirm transactions against a blockchain-based ledger. That will include settling payments with USDC Stablecoin.