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New Business Bulletin: Little Moons, Aldi, Workhuman® and more

Little Moons – Europe’s largest mochi ice cream maker – has announced that it is joining the international not-for-profit Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) in a commitment to help break the economic link between advertising and harmful content. As members, Little Moons will contribute to CAN policy and advise on strategy moving forward via member forums and surveys. CAN’s seven areas of focus include: tackling anti-fraud, misinformation and hate speech, as well as promoting sustainable efforts, diversity, children’s wellbeing and informed consent across the advertising industry. By joining CAN, Little Moons promises to adhere to the not-for-profit’s Code of Conduct on Information Integrity and promote positive initiatives.  

Aldi is trialling the use of parcel lockers outside a selection of its UK stores. Customers will be able to collect and return online orders from other retailers at select Aldi stores, thanks to the supermarket’s new partnership with parcel locker provider InPost. Throughout March, InPost lockers will be available outside 22 Aldi stores across the country, with a full list of locations available below. The trial will conclude after a 12-week period, with the aim to roll it out to more stores if successful.

Workhuman®, the company revolutionizing the way employees celebrate, connect with and appreciate each other in the workplace, today announced the results of its latest UK Human Workplace Index (HWI), a comprehensive survey of full-time UK employees aimed at providing the latest insights into key workforce-related topics. Common workplace trends like ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘quiet firing’ signal dissatisfaction with company culture and disengagement among employees, with negative consequences for employers and employees alike. Against this backdrop, the latest UK HWI study confirms the importance of upskilling and positive culture to retention.

Assumptions about Generation Alpha (6-16-year-olds) may need to be upended as research finds these digital natives are far from digitally exclusive, with more enjoying the experience of shopping in-store (69%) than that offered online (63%), highlighting the importance of offering a unified omnichannel experience. This challenges notions that brands need to engage with the group differently, with their preferences suggesting an evolution in the preferences of other age groups surveyed for VML’s ‘Trailblazers of Tomorrow’ report rather than a revolution. This means an omnichannel approach will continue to be key, especially with Generation Alpha expecting 28% of their spend to be in-store in 10 years’ time – again closely aligned with the expectations of older shoppers and in contrast with years of warnings about the high street’s waning relevance.

Ad Results Media (ARM), an expert audio agency with over 25 years of experience empowering brands and agencies to boost channel performance and sales using the power of audio, revealed its new platform, ARM PRO, the hub for a suite of custom audio solutions tailored specifically for brands. In a series of upcoming launches, ARM PRO debuts with its first tool coined ARM PRO: Audience, a bespoke audience buying engine that lets brands pinpoint their target market across a human-vetted, brand-suitable suite of audience environments, including podcasts, streaming audio and more. Leveraging direct and programmatic methods, ARM PRO: Audience eliminates wasted impressions and engages target audiences across their natural listening habits.

Optimizely, the digital experience platform (DXP) provider, has announced it has been named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Experience Platforms. The Gartner recognition places Optimizely in the Leaders’ Quadrant for the fifth consecutive year. Optimizely was ranked 1st in the B2B Use Case (3.78 out of 5) and 2nd in the B2C Use Case (4.03 out of 5), both for the second consecutive year in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Experience Platforms.

Bazaarvoice, Inc., the provider of full-funnel authentic user-generated content (UGC) solutions, has unveiled its biannual Shopper Preference Report, capturing insights from 2,008 UK consumers. The report reveals that the UK is a global leader when it comes to the return to office, seeing 68% of workers back in their desks for a portion of their week. This has a noticeable impact on in-store shopping, as 55% of these consumers associate their return to the workplace with increased spending in brick-and-mortar stores, placing the UK second behind Canada. The research also unveils another trend: Brit’s are very split on where they spend the most. When queried about their spending habits, 35% of UK consumers say they spend more on in-store purchases, 31% declare they have no significant difference between online and in-store spending, and 34% state they spend more online.

Amid continued job instability in 2024, new UK data reveals that the majority (69%) of 16-26 year olds are considering or already have careers in freelancing, self employment and side hustles over full-time employment. According to a study of 3,016 UK-based 16-26 year olds conducted in late January 2024, of those considering a freelance or self-employed career, 59% plan to do so in the next year, including 18% that plan to do so in the next two months. 60% of respondents are already in full or part time employment, suggesting there could be a mass exodus away from traditional employment. A further 25% are currently students, suggesting that they will enter the workforce as self-employed and freelancers, shunning the traditional career path entirely. The survey conducted by Fiverr reveals that ‘Generation Z’ cite multiple reasons for considering self-made careers, from building new skills to being their own boss. Yet, findings also suggest their desire to take back control amidst a job environment that is unpredictable and fast-evolving.