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Propel Digital Nation Viewpoints: Eileen Burbidge MBE on building an employer brand

Digital Recuiter Propel London has launched Digital Nation, a flagship report on talent and working culture based on indepth interviews with tech leaders
including Tom Blomfield OBE, CEO, Monzo; Baroness Martha Lane Fox; Eileen Burbidge MBE, Partner, Passion Capital; Jules Chappell OBE, Managing Director, London & Partners and many more.

Over the next few months Propel is publishing a series of these interviews from its Digital Nation book.

Eileen Burbidge MBE is a Partner at Passion Capital and serves as non-executive director to some of its portfolio companies including Monzo Bank. She is also the Chair of Tech Nation, the British government-backed organisation supporting the digital economy across the UK.

How important is it today to build an employer brand?

There is no option to not build one today. You can either build it, practically and concertedly, or it’s going to get built around you anyway.

People have more choice about where they want to spend their time and what they want to do; they are making decisions about the kind of jobs they take based on what a brand stands for and represents. So, it’s incredibly important for employers to build brands beyond the logo, typeface and feel.

Do companies in the digital economy understand the bottom-line impact of culture and values?

Because they’re able to witness what’s happening with the biggest global tech brands, companies in the digital economy do recognise the financial impact of company culture.

It’s also a sector where you probably have more vocal employees with a greater expectation of transparency because of social media and internal communications channels. They know that their culture impacts the bottom line because employees and customers will make real decisions based on their perception of the culture.

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Digital Nation was produced by Bluestripe Media, the owner of NDA, with Propel London.