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Cannes insights…Gavin Stirrat, CEO, Adimo

Cannes is a great place to build relationships with people

Who, or what, is Adimo, Gavin?

Adimo works with brands and ad tech companies to make content shoppable. That might mean on a brand website, or display, video or social advertising. We provide a journey for the consumer so they can buy a product at the retailer of their choice. It takes away the element of the ‘dead-end’ journey. So many brand adverts have a ‘more info’ button, but you can’t really do more than that. Why not give the customer the capability to go ahead and buy the product?

Is retail or commerce media dominating the discussion at Cannes this year?

Firstly, the phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, which is not 100% correct. Retail media typically talks about inventory owned by a retailer or inventory that’s bought using data from a retailer. Commerce media doesn’t need to involve the retailer.

Instead, we’re providing a journey that links through to multiple retailers but that advertising has been done with no reliance on the retailer.

Sometimes, that can make things a bit challenging because it is bucketed in with retail media and there are some very large retail media players out there. Commerce is relatively nascent but it’s an interesting areas, especially with the changes coming around the deprecation of third-party cookies. What we do doesn’t need cookies to work, and so it’s one of the exciting areas that ad tech is looking at.  

More brands than ever are going to dip their toes in commerce media this year. What’s driving that interest?

The cost of living is higher, supply chains are being disrupted and raw materials cost more. It’s creating accountability and figuring out what return on ad spend (ROAS) might be achieved, rather than throwing out brand banners and doing brand awareness. It also provides some utilty to customers – it’s a win-win.

We’re here on the Crowe Advisory yacht at the second Cannes, post-pandemic. What’s the feeling here?

It feels a bit quieter but that could be down to all the flight problems everyone had. It feels pretty similar to the last couple of years – a lot of the companies on the yacht alley are the same, the apartments are the same. The topics evolve, as they always do, but the players stay the same.

How important is Cannes Lions as a flagship industry event?

It’s hugely important. But, it can be tricky. The optics of Cannes are terrible – you can’t put up a picture here without being accused of being on holiday! However, it’s probably one of the few shows where you have executives from America, Europe and Asia, all in one place. Cannes is a great place to build relationships with people, but it’s not really a place to do business. That follows next week, the hard work of trying to figure out how you create volume from whatever your investment has been.

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