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NDA Meets: Dirk Jacobs, CEO at Adnuntius Asia

Adnuntius is a technology company causing huge waves in the digital publishing industry. As part of a series focusing on the company, we sit down with Dirk Jacobs, CEO at Adnuntius Asia.

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Adnuntius Company Profile

We are creating the next generation of digital ad marketplaces for publishers, advertisers, and agencies, delivering 100% transparency, 100% privacy, and providing 100% clarity on ad spend.

Cookies crumbled data for publishers, now they hold the key

The upcoming (delayed) deprecation of Google Chrome’s third-party cookie has been the talk of the industry for some time now, and it’s forced agencies, advertisers, and publishers all to reconsider how they approach the world of digital advertising. 

Marketers: forget privacy-first and think human-first instead

Most marketers, at heart, want to do the right thing and embrace the principles of privacy-first marketing but often they are unsure of how to achieve that, given their current dependence on cookie or digital ID-based methods of tracking, targeting and attribution

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The true cost of programmatic

Programmatic advertising has many benefits, but it also has a few major downsides, which are only going to be highlighted further with the big changes happening around privacy, identity, and third-party cookies. One of the biggest problems with programmatic is that it is expensive and fails to live up to its high costs by falling short when it comes to offering value.