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Is today’s open web really worth saving?

The open web of ad-funded media faces increasing challenges. Everyone wants to save it, but in its current guise should we even bother?

Why visualisation is the key to better marketing decisions

In 2021, most organisations are interested in leveraging social media insights to power their marketing efforts. However, in practice, many brand marketers find it difficult to discover the ‘truths’ they need among the billions of social media data points created every day.

How to find valuable audiences currently beyond your reach

In the clamour to find privacy-compliant alternatives to the invasive methods of tracking and targeting customers based on cookies and mobile IDs, many marketers are taking another look at the insights available via the billions of social media interactions that take place every day.

Spoiler Alert – mobile works and you can prove it

Blessed with enormous reach and engagement, mobile is nonetheless characterised as a performance channel and misses out on branding budgets due to perceptions of its immeasurability.