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Sophie Strong: A thread of success for Zuckerberg

There are estimated to be over 128 social media platforms globally, with the average consumer bouncing between seven on any given day.  

Earlier this month, another was added to the list.  Threads, the latest in a suite of social media apps under Mark Zuckerberg’s META umbrella.  And, wow, it did it pack a punch on launch


Ross Webster: TCF V2.2 offers panacea for publishers, if they want it

Over the last few weeks, the IAB Europe (IAB EU) have been running rather dry, but wholly necessary and informative webinars explaining what the changes within the Transparency Consent Framework Version 2.2 (TCFv2.2), due in September 2023, will mean for vendors, consent management platforms (CMPs) and publishers.


Patrick Collister: AI. The genie’s out

Patrick Collister, NDA’s monthly creative columnist, is the Curator of The Caples Awards, Editor of Directory and a friend to