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Adtech’s endemic diversity problem

The adtech industry talks a very good game about the importance of diversity but the issue is so endemic that its actions often don’t follow suit.


Patrick Collister: Are crap ads a threat to democracy? 

When my friend Oli Marlow Thomas founded, he founded it with the rather dramatic mission statement, ‘Let’s save the internet’. His pitch to brands was that because the web was awash with such bad advertising, the whole business model was in danger of collapse…


My Best Marketing Tip: “Progress, not perfect”, Julia Austin, Digital Director, Bravissimo

Julie Austin is the Marketing & Digital Director of Bravissimo, looking after ecommerce and marketing for the brand in the UK and the US. Her approach to the customer journey is to slow down and create “positive friction” which will lead to increased brand loyalty and deeper connections with consumers. She has two top marketing tips, covering work attitude and brand ethos.


Rob Webster: The Open Ecosystem is starting to grow up!

At a time when many people are suffering in the world due to actions of others that can only be described as evil, I think it is worth us looking at why and what, in our own area of influence, we can do to improve things and clean up. 


From start to finish, keep your KPIs clear to stay on course

Marketeers seldom settle for a primary KPI being quite enough, and it is important to have hundreds of cells and multiple columns on a sheet to continue a Stockholm syndrome-esque analysis paralysis of over measurement


Not Another Utopia

The internet was where democracy would be extended. Where powerful new communities would form to set others free.