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Adam Chugg: It’s time to diffuse the social media bomb

If algorithmic social media was the advent of the automatic weapon for societal division, I fear generative AI could be the advent of the nuclear bomb. More misinformation, but faster and even more compelling. My worry is that we’re sleepwalking, again, into the unintended consequences of such technology driven by our collective hamartia, our desire for growth.


Sophie Strong: The value exchange of social commerce

Social commerce has the potential to play an important part for brands. From scalable audiences and evolved offerings, it is a space which offers brands lots of untapped potential.


Sophie Strong: Using testing to go great lengths

Whilst the headlines have been *slightly* more positive about the recession, claiming it isn’t going to be as bad as we think, we are still facing a challenge. We need to do more with less. We need every penny we spend to sweat as much as it can and deliver a significant return.


Patrick Collister: More is less

Patrick Collister, NDA’s monthly creative columnist, is the Curator of The Caples Awards, Editor of Directory and a friend to


One year on, what has really changed?

At first glance – this may come across as potentially a quite lazy post, and I am hoping the team at NewDigitalAge agree to publish this piece as it is essentially a repost.

But that is the whole point. Hear me out