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First-Time CEO: three traps to avoid when the stakes are high

Clarity on your role and remit makes everything easier for successful change. When you are CEO for the first-time, the stakes are high and it’s natural to rush to get things underway. This is where the cracks start to appear


Your ads don’t make me laugh. Why not?

We need humour back in advertising. We have surely had our hit of melancholic piano backgrounds and zoom-ins of people bowing their heads after a long shift and staring longingly out of the window, waiting for things to return to normal.


Not working? Treat your job search like sales, it’s not personal

The process of a job search is often considered as a binary process, a series of rejections with hopefully that acceptance coming along at some point. As I have started to ramp up my own search, it dawned on me that actually it’s far closer to the process of sales