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First-Time CEO: avoid the sinking sand of role creep

It’s important for senior leaders, especially new CEOs, to have a job spec. Not a dull corporate document that gathers dust but a motivating, agile and accurate clarification of your new job.


Making Memories in a post lockdown world

It becomes ever more vital that our brand communications must do so much more than just convey a message, they need to create an experience with contextual associations that grounds the brand in the story of people’s lives. We need to ensure that we are incredibly clear, not just on who is seeing our message, but how they are receiving it.

Social Media

Katy Howell: Being human

Putting customer experience at the core of your marketing approach is complex and social is where the rubber hits the road


Dora Michail-Clendinnen: Making a mark with mentoring

After the March madness of third-party cookie-gate where I – like many others – weighed in on what our industry post-cookie might look like, I have decided to use my second NDA column to talk about something entirely different.


Liam Brennan: Going back for the future

We tend to tackle straightforward problems with complex solutions and celebrate achievements in complexity rather than improvement in outcome. Indeed, often complex problems will have simple solutions.


First-time CEO: why successful leaders need a job spec

When I ask successful senior leaders to describe their job, nine out of ten can’t do it clearly. Nor can they easily share the purpose of their role.

Ironically, the more senior a leader becomes, the less their business checks that this critical role is clearly defined and agreed.