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Think before you ego spend on CTV 

Is CTV really the right platform to reach consumers, or simply an unprofitable ego play? Maor Sadra, CEO at INCRMNTAL explores the issue..

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The evolution of media alliances

Since the dawn of time, alliances have benefited countries, citizens and businesses alike. From verbal acknowledgements and handshakes right through to legally-binding contracts; agreeing on something has historically lent power to multiple negotiating parties.


The tyranny of data decay, and how to avoid it

Whether we’re talking about dentistry or data, decay is real, but it’s also very preventable.The concept of data decay refers to how the value of data reduces over time. When we’re talking advertising and media – the timeframes are tiny, and the impact of the decay is huge.


Invest for a better digital future

You wait ages for one, and then three come along at once”. Among all of the new year forecasting, three recent news stories have somewhat converged to create a clear case for investing in quality, audience-first digital channels.


Digital inclusivity: Improving lives, no matter the generation

When it comes to smartphones and digital devices blanket stereotypes are too often assigned to entire generations. For Gen Z, who have grown up with smartphones, there is a perception that they are hooked on their personal devices, forever heads down in the latest social media trend.