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Advertisers need to realise there’s no plan B

Did you know, MiQ in partnership with Scope3, recently calculated that £10k in digital ad spend has the same carbon footprint as a plane flying from London to Chicago? Pierre de Lannoy of MiQ explains more…

Social Media

TV to TikTok: How social has changed TV shopping forever

Purchasing products in real time, demonstrated by presenters in a live broadcast, asking viewers to pick up the phone and purchase products. Ann established format, it has gone relatively unchallenged for decades – that is, until now.


DOOH: the apex of data driven-creativity

Out-of-home is at the media apex when it comes to captivating audiences through the fusion of data and creativity, writes Akama Davies of Xaxis…


Why your data scientists should be using a clean room

The age of consumer privacy has wreaked havoc on how data can be used across a variety of use cases, from marketing through to inventory management to financial modeling, writes Luca Bocchiardi of Cuebiq…


Have telcos reached a streaming equilibrium? 

As the big technology giants invest heavily into new content and services to expand their digital audiences, what role can the telcos and traditional pay-TV operators play moving forward? Eamonn Armstrong of MediaKind explores the issues…