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Build a broad foundation for revenue by diversifying affiliate strategies

Many advertisers have a clear view of those affiliate strategies that they can regard as tried and tested. While these will continue to deliver value, building a broader foundation for revenue generation is a logical – indeed, essential – next step. For this reason, advertisers are looking towards employing a more diverse set of affiliate marketing strategies in an effort to outperform the market.

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The content creation evolution: using multiple platforms to reach audiences

The diversity of platforms’ “zeitgeist” means that users’ interests and behaviours differ across social media. It’s crucial that creators understand why users are visiting particular platforms and that they use this knowledge to guide the content they create and share


How multilingual brands are matching the speed of their customers

As we all transition to increasingly digital lifestyles, the opportunities to present content to consumers appears to grow by the day. Unfortunately, so too does the volume of content that must be created to capitalise on those opportunities.

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WhatsApp: The key to responding to customers’ needs in the moment

For businesses, the commerce-driven WhatsApp Business has provided a brand new way to communicate with their customer base. Building on existing SMS channels, businesses can now adapt and evolve their contact centres to meet their customers’ current communication needs and preferences. 


The need for uptake of ethical digital twins

Digital twins can and are creating value across purposes, contexts, and industries, from buildings management, to transport, to supermarkets, to banking. In 2018 the UK government set up the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) at the University of Cambridge as a focal point to develop a National Digital Twin.


In-game marketing works, but remains a challenge for brands

In many ways, gaming today is a modern marketing conundrum. It’s a shared online experience with millions of mostly young men playing against each other, or watching others play, whether via their Xbox or Playstation devices or streaming services like Twitch or Roblox, yet largely walled off from marketing messages, or the ability to act on them without leaving the game environment.