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MLOps and LLMOps – How do they differ?

With the rise in Big Data, followed by the Artificial Intelligence renaissance, many organisations have started considering how to leverage large amounts of data effectively, seamlessly and efficiently. That is how MLOps emerged. However, recently we observed an outbreak of a new technology, called Large Language Models (LLM). In principle LLM are models, so the question is how can we ensure high standards of the LLM solutions using already known methods


Climbing the table: data’s role in football

Since the first professional football match in 1863, the popular game has been based on grit, determination, and passion. In recent years, technology has brought significant changes to the game and impacts almost every corner of the footballing world – from on the field decision-making to club development, player identification and growth. In line with these technological advancements, the reliance on data is only increasing.


A sceptic’s guide to AI

Many marketing teams are struggling to leverage new AI technology, writes Stuart Russell, Chief Strategy Officer at Plinc…


Does exclusion really keep children safe online?

Recent revelations about industry practices concerning children’s safety online have ignited a fervent discussion within the industry, and a much needed discussion at that. Adalytics, a prominent watchdog in the advertising realm, has raised concerns about the data harvesting practices of ad tech and data brokers.


First-party data guide – preparing for a cookieless world

Cookies were introduced around 30 years ago and have become an established part of the internet. But holding the potential to open internet users to a range of security concerns, their days are now numbered. This is why first-party data needs to become a priority for all digital agencies.