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Moving from generalised discounting to personalised experiences

Every peak-season shopper is different, with some spending a long time researching what they plan to buy and for whom, as others respond to tempting offers they receive as they shop. Our team of experts have identified three distinct behavioural patterns which most potential buyers follow. What do these patterns look like, how do they differ and how can they be used to create personalised and tailored experiences during the busy Black Friday period?


Busting four tech myths of 2023

Alexander Feiglstorfer, CTO and Co-founder of enterprise CMS Storyblok, separates the fact from the fiction among 2023’s biggest tech myths…


Reducing returns at a time of record highs

Karel Schindler, CEO at ROI Hunter, beilieves that retailers cannot continue to facilitate returns at the current rate, especially not with an added cost…


Generative AI is causing a seismic shift in the way consumers shop

Consumers already have access to next day delivery, free shipping and returns, competitive prices and discount codes, and more choice than ever before. But it’s about to get even easier to shop online thanks to the explosion of generative AI.


The gift of agility: from social feeds to shoppers’ front doors

The ebb and flow of stock availability has been an ever-present challenge in retail, meaning a firm grip on supply chain order management is key to keeping operations running smoothly. Beyond this, the ability to remain agile across the supply chain and anticipate unpredictable peaks in product demand has never been more important.


LLM Wars: How to choose the right AI model as a marketer

The use cases of Large Language Models (LLMs) are immediately apparent, endlessly exciting and, at times, downright scary. For marketers, they represent a critical tool for improving productivity. Both in scaling content production and enabling deeper market analysis and insights.

Digital Women

Digital Women: Geri Kirovska, CCO and Co-Founder, Rayn

Gergana (Geri) Kirovska is CCO and Co-Founder of Rayn, a predictive behavioral analytics platform – creating digital twins of customers, allowing for data augmentation and simulation.


Can we balance privacy and identity with relevance and engagement?

Privacy and identity are not incompatible with personalised advertising or creating meaningful relationships with customers, but rather essential components of a successful and sustainable digital ad ecosystem. It’s time we give data control back to the customer and create a healthy ecosystem that preserves privacy in a way that both the consumers, and marketers, can flourish.