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Is the time right for a revolution in ethical location-based marketing?

The world as we knew it fundamentally changed in 2020. As we move from a Coronavirus pandemic world towards an environment where Covid-19 is endemic in our communities, marketers need to adapt, and consumer-facing brands should be looking for unique ways to reach customers and make them feel not only safe but valued while on the move.


Sack Friday: Why companies are boycotting Black Friday

Black Friday has been a staple in many companies’ marketing strategies for several years – until now that is. This year, we are seeing more brands than ever rethinking their involvement with the profit-led holiday

Why visualisation is the key to better marketing decisions

In 2021, most organisations are interested in leveraging social media insights to power their marketing efforts. However, in practice, many brand marketers find it difficult to discover the ‘truths’ they need among the billions of social media data points created every day.