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How Hollywood-owned Wrexham AFC created a ‘Sex Pistols’​ moment

Bespoke ‘shoe artist’ Zebra Customs produced a pair of Nike Air Zoom Mercurial football boots for Wrexham AFC striker Paul Mullin last week, with the custom message ‘F*** The Tories’ [FTT] emblazoned across the left (naturally) outstep of the boot.


Brands prioritise digital quality to keep hold of customers

Retailers and consumer brands are under constant pressure to create the best physical and digital experiences to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately, the bar is constantly being raised because of rapidly evolving technology like AI, VR and the metaverse.


The Connected TV screen is the new homepage

With this rise of CTV, we’re witnessing the elevation of the big screen to be a primary screen serving as the center of the connected living room, writes Serge Matta, Head of Commercial at LG Ads Solutions…