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Predictions: why the time is right for Mail Metro Media’s new identity solution, dmg::ID

If you work in digital marketing, you’ll be aware that 2023 should finally see Google’s oft-delayed deadline for third-party cookie deprecation on Chrome finally arrive in Q3. Expect to see a sharp increase in ‘test and learn’ projects in the identity space early next year, as brands, agencies and publishers alike search for alternative ways to provide the ad targeting and measurement capabilities previously enabled by cookies.


How to grow more business on online marketplaces

With brands and retailers paying up to 30% margin for selling on marketplaces, they cannot afford any mistakes in how they present, promote and fulfil their products, says James Barlow, Regional Director UK&I at Akeneo…

Digital Women

Unleashing the business value of inclusivity

Whereas diversity focuses on acknowledging and celebrating people’s differences,
inclusivity is all about creating an environment where different perspectives, backgrounds
and communication styles are equally valued


Realising the utopian vision for smart cities

With smart cities promising to deliver the modern utopian dream, architects need to address the tangible challenges of the technology involved. There are a number of key areas that need exploring as architects, city planners, and government officials plan the next phases of smart city evolution.


Scoring success with women’s sport: A lesson to brands from The Euros

Despite the unbridled success of the Women’s Euros – which played out to sell-out crowds from Brighton to Manchester – the sponsorship revenue from the mainline brand partners such as Heineken, Visa, and Volkswagen, was a relatively meagre £2m. This is thought to be around a fifth of that enjoyed by ITV for Love Island through the partnerships it signed, with the likes of eBay, Just Eat, and WKD.