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Amazon Ads Streaming TV research: nearly half (49%) of UK adults discover new brands via streaming TV ads

New research from Amazon Ads reports that almost three in five (59%) UK consumers are streaming TV for more than one hour each day, rising to more than nine in 10 consumers (93%) aged 18 to 34 years. With so much time being spent watching streaming TV, nearly half (49%) of UK adults sampled said they have discovered a new brand after seeing ads while streaming TV during the last year, a figure which rises to 74% among adult Gen-Z and millennial audiences (those aged 18-34 years old).

In encouraging news for brands, almost nine in 10 (89%) respondents said they are receptive to streaming TV ads that are interesting, relevant or help to keep subscription costs down. Conversely, the same sample said that they are likely to skip ads that are that are too long (38%), not interesting (40%) or not relevant to them (36%) – placing the emphasis on advertisers to ensure they’re reaching the right audiences, with relevant content.

“Engaging advertising starts with great content. Customers want to be served content they love, while doing the things they love – like watching streaming TV, listening to music, or shopping,” said Phil Christer, Managing Director, Amazon Ads UK. “If brands want to engage new customers while they stream they must prioritise finding new, innovative ways to deliver streaming TV ads and connect with audiences in a way that enhances the overall viewing experience.”

By embedding advertising within streaming TV content, such as through brand funded programming, brands can connect with audiences in a natural and engaging way. In fact, over a quarter of streamers (28%) said they would buy a product directly after seeing it within content they are already watching – whether that’s through product placement or a brand funded programme. Among 18–34-year-olds this increases to 44%.

The research also found that streamers spend up to three minutes searching for information about a product or brand after watching an ad, placing the emphasis on advertisers to make the transition from content to commerce as seamless as possible.

For brands looking to convert their streaming TV ads in to sales, the effectiveness of different types of advertising varies depending on the age of the audience the advertising reaches. For example, more than a third (34%) of adult Gen-Z and millennials said they were likely to buy a product they liked after seeing it included within an interactive streaming TV ad, compared to just 10% of those aged 55+. In contrast, almost one in five (19%) of those aged 55+ said they would be likely to make a purchase if they saw a product they liked in a standard ad that automatically plays during streaming TV content.

“Creating a bridge between content and commerce means better experiences for customers, and better outcomes for brands,” added Phil Christer, Managing Director, Amazon Ads UK. “For advertisers who understand the audiences they’re trying to reach, streaming TV is an exciting route to delivering useful and relevant ads in a place where customers are already spending their time.”