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Ryff and Elonex announce In-Scene & OOH ad partnership

Ryff, a pioneer of in-scene advertising (ISA) and virtual product placement (VPP), has partnered with Elonex, one of the UK’s most influential digital out of home (DOOH) media owners. The announcement was made at MAD//Fest in London, where the two companies unveiled “In-Scene Out-of-Home”, a groundbreaking advertising model that enables Elonex to take Ryff’s inventory of in-scene billboards to market alongside its DOOH advertising sites. 

A combined media buy across both digital out-of-home and in-scene properties allows brands to achieve valuable repetition, contextual relevance, and deeper, more meaningful engagements with their target audience.

In addition, this powerful combination allows advertisers to target specific audiences by place in-scene billboards into the TV shows and movies their ideal demographic is watching. Advertisiers can also change ads or messaging in near real-time, with brand integrations completed in minutes across both DOOH and In-Scene placements.

Steve Cox, CEO of Ryff, said: “Giving advertisers the ability to seamlessly extend digital out-of-home campaigns into the world of in-scene advertising is truly unparalleled. With Elonex’s expansive billboard network, and Ryff’s broad content inventory, we are set to ubiquitously deliver brand stories and high-impact campaigns to audiences across every screen, whether they’re on the move, on their mobile devices, or at home.”

Nick Smith, CEO of Elonex, added: “Ryff gives Elonex clients an exceptionally simple way to reach large audiences across multiple platforms – including digital out of home, linear or social channels. This partnership dramatically expands our inventory, enabling us to broaden our offering to clients, while helping them to extend their campaigns across physical and virtual screens.” 

Ryff’s Scene IntelligenceTM technology enables the discovery of complementary in-scene billboard placement opportunities that align with geographic, demographic, and messaging targets, among other factors. Campaigns created through this partnership are backed by robust data and performance analytics, ensuring effective, trackable, and measurable outcomes that optimize ad spending. 

The innovative approach to advertising is being introduced in the UK and is poised for expansion into the US and other markets.