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Odeeo and Evolution Media Group partner to deliver in-game audio ads in MENA

Odeeo, a leading global in-game audio advertising platform, has announced a partnership with Evolution Media Group, MENA’s most prominent in-game advertising business with a reach of 2.5bn users, that will bring in-game audio ads to the region. 

The new partnership will help MENA-based brands and publishers make waves with regionally relevant in-game audio ads. 50% of app downloads in MENA are attributed to games, 10% above the global average. In addition, more than 65% of gaming revenue is generated by mobile games, according to Boston Consulting Group. 

In the MENA region, mobile gaming is the primary form of digital entertainment, with over 70% of users favoring smartphones as their primary gaming device. MENA’s gaming community is wide-ranging with over 300m adults participating in gaming activities each month, mostly through mobile devices.

The in-game audio ad format delivers superior performance compared to traditional podcast and streaming audio ads, with Odeeo’s ad units integrating into gameplay without disrupting the player experience. Additionally, Odeeo’s platform allows advertisers to gain access to a range of transparent measurement metrics to understand ad impact.

Evolution’s mobile advertising platforms offer solutions that align and are customised based on a brand’s identity, messaging, and target audience. It connects brand advertisers with consumers across various digital platforms and provides direct access to a wide range of mobile advertising inventory across audio, video, and immersive in-game experiences.

Amit Monheit, CEO at Odeeo, commented: “We’ve continued to see the rise of in-game ads, given the ability to provide a more favorable ad experience for gamers, and it’s a privilege to work with Evolution to champion the power of in-game audio through to ears in the Middle East. We both have a long history in the in-game advertising space, and Evolution’s expertise in the region ensures that it uniquely understands the nuances of the market.”

Warrick Billingham, General Manager at Evolution, said: “I am optimistic about the current market landscape, there are substantial opportunities for brand and agency partners through our extensive reach and scale. It’s important to adjust targeting strategies to include app audience-based and contextual targeting, which can give marketers a competitive advantage. With the rapid growth of the gaming industry in the MENA region, there are promising opportunities for mobile advertisers, and now is the perfect time to invest significantly in the region and take advantage of this growth segment.”