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Sky research reveals the ‘green halo’ of sustainability advertising

New research commissioned by Sky Media, as part of the 2023 Sky Zero Footprint Fund, has revealed the impact and effectiveness of sustainability campaigns.  

The study of 52 campaigns, across seven categories, tapped into a UK-representative audience of over 5,300 Sky participants – using both survey and qualitative interview and focus groups.

The research, conducted in conjunction with Savanta, also included use of impulse and speed response triggers to help gauge strength and speed of agreement to highlight implicit associations. By comparing sustainability and non-sustainability campaigns across a range of brand categories, the research was able to reveal that 71% of respondents are concerned about climate change 

Climate change ranks in the top three of the ‘UK’s most pressing issues’, with three in five Sky Customers saying sustainability messaging in advertising influences their brand choice. 49% say sustainability messaging has ‘a lot’ of influence (and for younger audiences this rises to as much as 59%). 

Even ‘eco resistant’ audiences were found to be influenced by sustainability messaging 

Overall, sustainability ads in the research evoked stronger emotions, which lead to better ad engagement and persuasion. Moreover, when testing the best of both sustainability ads and non-sustainability ads, the sustainability ads still outperformed the best non-sustainability ads for engagement & persuasion. Across the board, the research showed +15% higher positive brand perception for sustainability ads vs non-sustainability ads 

Four key factors were identified as drivers of positive reception of sustainability ads, namely: credibility; clarity of message; correct tone; and creative execution.

The full research is available to watch here as part of the Sky Media Breakfast Club.