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‘Swifties’ fuel Super Bowl audience surge in UK

Taylor Swift has caused a 203% surge in the Super Bowl’s addressable audience in the UK, as revealed by new data.

The insight, from advertising technology firm Quantcast, shows the focus on Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, has clearly shaped the addressable audience. In the first week of February 2023, just 4.2% of audiences consuming Super Bowl content overlapped with those consuming Taylor Swift content. For the same period this year, that figure has skyrocketed to 47.8%.

As it’s one of the premium advertising moments in the US, with TV commercials costing approximately $7m for a 30 second slot, advertisers will be seeing Super Bowl LVIII as an opportunity to reach their key demographics.

Quantcast’s data also suggests the demographic of the Super Bowl audience in the UK will be very different than usual, with Taylor Swift bringing the eyes of young female fans to the event. Fans are also consuming a large quantity of content speculating whether Swift will be able to make it to Sunday’s game in Las Vegas from her concert in Tokyo the night before.

Matt White, VP EMEA at Quantcast, says: “The Super Bowl is one of the largest advertising moments of the year, with last year’s game attracting 56m viewers around the world. The impact Taylor Swift has had on the addressable audience size in the UK is undeniable, and will have caused advertising teams to invest heavily in creative to target the increased audience and fluctuating demographics.

“With Google removing third-party cookies from Chrome throughout this year, brands can use this major event as a way to see how prepared they are to handle this signal loss. Those that are ahead of the curve and have stopped relying on these outdated cookies years ago will already know exactly how to find, reach, and measure their most valuable audiences. Advertisers that are yet to act may see dwindling returns from Super Bowl investment and realise that the time to act is now.”