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Pride in London takes on corporate “pinkwashing”

Pride in London has announced its most significant effort to date to ensure businesses marching at the Pride in London Parade are committed to inclusion every day of the year. Starting with the 2024 Parade, only corporates that are engaging with Pride in London year-round through the Pride in the City programme will be able to march in the Parade as an organisation. 

Pride in London has always believed that companies have to walk the walk to march the march. In the past, every corporate entry for the Parade has been screened based on their LGBTQ+ inclusion policies, initiatives and outcomes. But there’s always more work to be done to advance diversity and inclusion, as well as combat “pinkwashing.” Through Pride in the City, the organisation will further ensure companies are taking real action to foster inclusion in their workplaces.

“It’s about time that we set the bar higher for businesses marching at Pride in London. We want to be collaborating closely with them to make meaningful progress on LGBTQ+ inclusion in their workplaces all year, not just on the day of the Parade. Because Pride in London is so much more than a march—it’s about creating a world where everyone can be their authentic selves, 365 days a year,” said Dee Llewellyn, Director of Partnerships & Growth, Pride in London.

Pride in the City offers critical support for building a diverse and thriving organisation where everyone feels welcome and supported regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Pride in London provides initiative members with LGBTQ+ inclusion training on critical topics such as “Transgender & Non-Binary inclusion in the workplace” and “Creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace”; events that connect LGBTQ+ employees and allies with queer community groups, activists and grassroots organisations; networking opportunities to empower and professionally advance LGBTQ+ employees and employee resource groups; and much more.

In turn, Pride in the City members not only help make the Pride in London Parade possible and free for anyone to attend, but they also make it clear that they’re standing up for the LGBTQ+ community 365 days a year.

“The Pride in the City programme provides Cisco with an essential space to collaborate with a range of organisations, create change-making connections and give a platform to inspirational LGBTQ+ causes,” said Craig Buckland, EMEA Pride co-lead at Cisco. 

Pride in the City is part of Pride in London’s year-round work to unite the LGBTQ+ community’s voice, amplify our diversity and protest against inequality. The organisation also runs the Unity Fund, which offers grants to grassroots organisations in London that work to directly improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people; events such as the Human Rights Forum; and much more.

Applications for Pride in the City and, by extension, corporate entries into the Parade, close 29 February 2024. For more information on Pride in the City, visit Pride in the City.