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Practice Makes Unperfect

Practice Makes Unperfect is a one-of-a-kind 6-week training course that mixes psychology with role play with media training with storytelling techniques with actual PR like podcasting, blog writing and presenting with community-building and having fun.

Practice Makes UnPerfect is about honing that natural voice and joining a community of women who want to be themselves on stage, on air, and even written down. Our groups will go on a journey of semi self-discovery that’s designed to help you understand your barriers, understand other people, work out what you want to say to the world, and how.

Practice Makes Unperfect

Why software engineering can be “for women like you”

Careers advice is littered with don’ts. Don’t be too ambitious. Don’t try anything too risky. Don’t move outside what you know. Well, I’m here to tell you to ignore that advice. Even if it came from your mum

Practice Makes Unperfect

Is being perfect the perfect way to succeed?

Is being a perfectionist the perfect approach to your career? No. Making a few screw ups, mistakes, mishaps, and faux paus throughout your career can be a brilliant thing, and I’m going to tell you why.