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Practice Makes Unperfect

We’ve partnered with Amy Kean to create a one-of-a-kind 6-week training course that mixes psychology with role play with media training with storytelling techniques with actual PR like podcasting, blog writing and presenting with community-building and having fun.

Practice Makes UnPerfect is about honing that natural voice and joining a community of women who want to be themselves on stage, on air, and even written down. Our groups will go on a journey of semi self-discovery that’s designed to help you understand your barriers, understand other people, work out what you want to say to the world, and how.

Practice Makes Unperfect

Lying: A Necessary Professional Social Lubricant?

They say that the truth hurts, and in this case it really does. Lying is a condition of life. There is a broad spectrum of lying, from big and ugly, to smaller arguably harmless tactful white lies. But big or small, a lie is a lie… and we all do it regularly.


A media owner’s plea to make campaign measurement a bit more interesting

It was all very exciting! Lots of jargon, lots of buzzwords, everything was “real-time” and “revolutionary” and I was wide-eyed, curious and loving it! And then the campaigns rolled in… the data came in… but people remained bizarrely focused on how many clicks there were. 

Practice Makes Unperfect

Work it: how office aesthetics have changed for good

Interestingly, research has found that around 28% of Britons want to ditch dress codes at work and opt for a better balance between home and work wardrobes. On top of this, a further 20% were aiming for a more ‘relaxed’ attire with another 8% opting for shorts and flip-flops in summer. With less people feeling the need to dress in sharp suits and more people looking to dress based on what they feel comfortable in, a new wave of work style is crashing through the industry.