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Practice Makes Unperfect

Practice Makes Unperfect is a one-of-a-kind 6-week training course that mixes psychology with role play with media training with storytelling techniques with actual PR like podcasting, blog writing and presenting with community-building and having fun.

Practice Makes UnPerfect is about honing that natural voice and joining a community of women who want to be themselves on stage, on air, and even written down. Our groups will go on a journey of semi self-discovery that’s designed to help you understand your barriers, understand other people, work out what you want to say to the world, and how.

Practice Makes Unperfect

2022: Are we inclusive yet?

Inclusion is a word most of us probably strive to achieve in all parts of our lives; from friends to hobbies to work. But in terms of the workplace in 2022, what does it actually mean… and what does it stand for?

Practice Makes Unperfect

Social Media Didn’t Change the News, CNN Did

In the summer of 1980, Ted Turner launched the first-ever 24-hour rolling news channel, CNN, sparking a revolution in journalism, and changing the way we consume and interact with media forever.