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Practice Makes UnPerfect: starts 12th November 2020

Despite the work of bodies such as DICE and Gender Avenger, all-male panels at events remain painfully commonplace.

But it’s not just events, it’s an industry problem, too. There’s a pressure to be ‘perfect’… where ‘perfect’ is to talk in jargon, present on stage like a politician, talk for minutes on end without really saying anything. Look the same. Act the same. Dress the same! But no one’s perfect.. So why pretend?

We’ve partnered with Amy Kean to create a one-of-a-kind 6-week training course that mixes psychology with role play with media training with storytelling techniques with actual PR like podcasting, blog writing and presenting with community-building and having fun.

Practice Makes UnPerfect isn’t training. It’s definitely not self-help. There’s no pitching, or brainstorming. And we guarantee hardly any cheesy motivational statements.

Practice Makes UnPerfect is about honing that natural voice and joining a community of women who want to be themselves on stage, on air, and even written down. Our groups will go on a journey of semi self-discovery that’s designed to help you understand your barriers, understand other people, work out what you want to say to the world, and how.

We have our first course starting on 12th November! EXCITING!

A further course in January, and one in March. We’re also running bespoke in-house sessions for big companies.

Contact Amy Kean if you have any questions. Any questions at all. In fact, make them hard questions. She’ll have the answers.

And let us know if you’re interested using the form below, and we’ll get back to you with all the details and more excitement than you can probably handle.