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2020 Visions: Pete Markey, TSB CMO on personalisation, transparency and cross-media measurement

As we head into what is set to be a seminal year for the digital industry, NDA has been talking to leaders across the market to hear their thoughts on what 2020 holds.

Peter Markey is one of our industry’s most influential and innovative marketers. Prior to TSB, he held CMO roles at the  Post Office  and RSA Insurance and was the first to appear in NDA’s My Digital Hero series.

We caught up with Pete to find out what marketers should be so excited about in 2020. And find Good Loop receiving its second nomination as a company to watch in 2020 in our 2020 Vision series.

What has been the most important development of 2019 in the digital/marketing industry and your professional highlight of the last decade?

I think that the ability to better reach and connect with audiences with greater and greater personalisation is a dream come true for marketers working for brands who want to build quality long-term customer relationships.

Digital has been the catalyst that has made this a reality

What are you most excited about in digital/marketing in 2020?

I am really excited about ISBA’s UK cross media measurement programme, Origin, to help better understand online media measurement and performance.

I think this will make a hugely positive impact on the industry

Why should advertisers be excited about digital in 2020?

I think the pace of change and the scale of opportunity are really exciting.

The tools that digital platforms are using will continue to evolve and improve creating better and better opportunities for quality customer engagement.

We are seeing a plethora of new companies entering the space. Other than your own company, who are you most excited about?

I remain really excited about Good Loop and the work they are doing to connect content views and engagement with business good.

They are definitely one to watch.

What is your one Christmas Wish for the digital industry?

Better measurement, better transparency and better opportunities to more effectively and efficiently build relationships with customers