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Creating a stronger, safer and more secure advertising ecosystem for all

As we look ahead to NDA’s flagship networking Trinity Lunch event this week, we’re talking to some of our partners and VIP guests to hear their thoughts on the industry the event will be celebrating. Next up is Nick Reid, RVP Northern Europe at DoubleVerify.

What is the biggest opportunity for advertisers or publishers in digital marketing in the next 6 months and why?

From an advertiser, agency and publisher perspective, there is an improved sense of “self-awareness” on their responsibility or duty to the audiences they’re looking to target.

There is a greater acknowledgement and ambition in the ways in which we are able to move to a more “brand suitability” outlook to drive customer efficacy and endorsement — which ultimately will help to drive improved outcomes. Therefore, agencies are now channeling measurement even more to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of their media campaign performance.

In addition, as privacy regulations continue to evolve in our industry, we believe there’s tremendous opportunity for privacy-friendly targeting and performance solutions that ultimately drive the downstream outcomes advertisers care about.

This is where media quality can drive positive business outcomes.

Based on these changes, we are challenged to look at or define metrics, such as attention, which have a crucial role in this new era of measurement. By assessing dynamic exposure and engagement, we are able to drive campaign performance using data points relevant to the level of a consumer’s interaction with a digital ad. Thus providing the basis for dynamic campaign optimization. At DoubleVerify, we call this DV Authentic Attention™.

Another privacy-forward solution that I believe provides tremendous opportunity for advertisers is contextual targeting and its ability to offer precision targeting that maximizes relevance and reach. As such, advertisers are able to go far beyond keywords and sentiment to power impactful contextual campaigns. We believe our suite of performance solutions help advertisers achieve the greatest return on their media buys while steering clear of privacy concerns and regulations.

What is the biggest challenge for advertisers or publishers and how will this be overcome?

After years of pressure and uncertainty, stakeholders across the digital ad ecosystem are putting their best foot forward to tackle inflammatory rhetoric, misinformation and disinformation — and I believe this challenge will continue to be top of mind of advertisers and publishers alike. Spurred by waves of false information surrounding such high-profile events as the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and the US Capitol violence, the need for brand safety and, more importantly, suitability — especially on emerging platforms — is greater than ever.

While this is important to our society, it also benefits brands directly. The vast majority (82%) of consumers say it’s a brand’s responsibility to make sure their ads appear in appropriate environments. If brands fail to do so, and appear alongside questionable content, two-thirds of consumers may stop using a brand’s product.

Alongside creating alignment on brand safety and suitability through shared standards, advertisers need tools to balance protection and reach audiences at scale.

Collaboration is key, so industry initiatives that are available to create a more transparent, measurable and accountable ecosystem is fundamental. Elements such as the Brand Safety Floor and Brand Suitability Framework advanced by the 4A’s Advertising Protection Bureau (APB) and the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) will help the industry implement brand suitability guidelines.

Through this collaboration between all stakeholders, the industry can work together to create a stronger, safer and more secure ad ecosystem for all.

What technology are you most excited about at the moment and why

Any form or method of travel — the ability to go and see people and spend time, in person, is pretty impressive. While this is something we’ve taken for granted in the past, it’s quite extraordinary to think about at this unusual point in time. Also, let’s not forget about the phone. And no, I’m not talking about Zoom, Teams or Slack, Whatsapp or texting — the telephone, which many seem to have lost the ability to use in preference of the aforementioned.

What industry individual or company have you been most impressed by this year and why?

To be honest, I’ve been impressed with almost all businesses! Building, growing and maintaining a business is challenging at the best of times. To do so under these circumstances — not just from a commercial perspective but from a cultural, social and personal point of view — is quite the obstacle.

As in times of war or extreme change, we as a race aspire and manage to adapt, evolve and re-calibrate — hopefully for the better. I feel we should all be more self-aware and look to see if we have done so, or attempted to do so, for all the right reasons.

What has been yours or your company’s most impressive achievement this year and why?

We have tried to stay safe and ensure we provide a platform for all to do so. We have maintained and, one might say, grown our culture in an embracing and open manner. We have grown as a business, not just from a people and revenue perspective, but from an experience and leaning point of view. I hope and feel we have maintained our integrity, certainly our ambition to do so. Like many, we have done this from the comfort, or uncomfort, from a room, flat or house. Either which way, in front of a screen and not in person.

I, like many, look forward to sharing, learning and experiencing the opportunity to do all of the above again in 2022, but this time, in person! As I’m sure we all do.

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