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My 2022 Predictions: and here is Dorota Karc, Head of Programmatic, WallDecaux (JCDecaux Group)

NDA, in partnership with Xandr, is collecting the views of some of our industry’s leading figures for their predictions on 2022 and beyond. Next up is Dorota Karc, Head of Programmatic, WallDecaux (JCDecaux Group).

What challenges and opportunities are there in delivering a seamless buying experience for digital advertising?

The challenges haven’t changed much across the years. The industry still talks about the same topics as of couple of years ago, such as: privacy, development of GAFAs and their dominance across advertising, data and measurement, as well as, to my surprise, still a topic is transparency and enabling omni-channel buying.

We should not forget that digital advertising is still a growing industry. Agencies and clients still do need to learn how to better plan, execute, and measure digital campaigns.

The opportunity is the traditionally understood offline channels such as CTV or OOH (which you can also buy via the Xandr DSP), which are becoming part of the programmatic ecosystem and hence the realisation of the real-omni channel vision is  becoming a reality. Based on the JCDecaux study we conducted in Summer this year, we can say that 24% respondents of media and digital specialists plan to or have already implemented programmatic OOH because they want to run omni-channel campaigns through a unified seat in the DSP. More in the study here.

What new formats will deliver better results for advertisers and better experiences for consumers in 2022?

We should stop thinking about formats and start thinking about context and relevant moment in the first place. The combination of both is very powerful and leads to +32% increase in average brain response, based on the Neurosience study found here. Context and relevant moment are the most important for advertisers, they combine the best out of data, creativity and responsiveness no matter if it is mobile, desktop, CTV, OOH or social media.

How will the role of the creative agency evolve in 2022?

Creative agencies and brands need to act on the context and moment and there is an amazing recent example from the German Advertising Idustry. Germany is currently fighting the fourth Coronavirus wave and the country has only 70% of its’ citizens fully vaccinated. Given the context and importance of the situation, over 150 important German brands incorporated word impfen (vaccinate in English) into their logos for a day to use their brands to drive awareness to the vaccination campaigns.

Just search for the hastag #ZusammenGegenCorona or #gemeinsamgegencorona and you will see some amazing creative results. (The Porsche Logo for a day was called IMPFEN, see here. But how can creative agencies act on context and moment in a more dynamic fashion? Implement an omni-channel DCO (Dynamic Creative Ads).

DCO is well known to retargeting experts, but DCO can be implemented for branding campaigns omni-channel as well. With one unified HTML5 file you can steer all formats, all channels and countries and change the messaging based on context and moment. This is an absolute must-have for the modern creative agency.