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Programmatic is pushing OOH to new heights

The use of programmatic within out-of-home (OOH) is accelerating growth of the medium, with technology enabling digital out-of-home (DOOH) to increasingly be included in multi-channel campaigns, according to a report from DOOH marketplace VIOOH.

The research found that 89% of UK agency and advertising executives plan to integrate programmatic OOH more closely into multi-channel campaigns, while 88% plan to invest in programmatic OOH expertise. Moreover, 52% of UK executives had already planned, bought, or placed digital OOH in the last 12 months, and 72% of those respondents had used OOH programmatically.

When asked the reasons driving their investment in programmatic DOOH, 86% of executives pointed to the ability to measure campaign performance across multiple digital channels, 85% identified trigger-based buying, and 84% highlighted the value that programmatic OOH offers.

“VIOOH’s new State of the Nation report gives further proof that programmatic is the accelerator for DOOH growth, allowing it to be truly integrated into multi-channel campaigns for the first time. Increasing numbers of advertising executives are drawn to the versatility and value that programmatic DOOH offers, and state that they won’t go back to more traditional ways of buying OOH,” said Jean-Christophe Conti, Chief Executive Officer at VIOOH.

Almost all UK respondents (96% agency and 99% advertiser) believe programmatic OOH is a great way to reach a broadcast audience, with 89% of agency executives and 78% of advertisers also feeling it provides innovative targeting opportunities.

Interestingly, a large number of executives see effectiveness coming from programmatic DOOH in both building brand awareness (83% agency and 82% advertiser) and driving response on the performance side (96% agency and 85% advertiser).

When it comes to buying programmatic DOOH, UK executives tend to shift responsibility to dedicated teams (54%), though there are overlaps with digital programmatic teams (53%) and OOH teams (47%).

“The report also shows that buying responsibilities are being spread across digital programmatic and OOH teams, supporting this shift towards programmatic DOOH. Agencies and advertisers therefore need to establish clear strategies for prDOOH, build expertise to address any knowledge gaps and help create best practices to integrate prDOOH into more multi-channel campaigns,” added Conti.